With the COVID-19 delta variant on the rise nationally and locally, one San Mateo County leader is calling on the state and utility companies to provide residents with incentives for accessing vaccinations.  

“If we want to end COVID, it’s time for utilities to do their parts in helping to save lives, especially in communities of color hardest hit by the pandemic who continue to pay their bills and create incredible wealth for shareholders,” Board of Supervisors President David Canepa said in a press release. 

In letters sent to the California Department of Public and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Canepa urged the agencies to partner on a $100 rebate program that would provide bill credits to households that access a vaccine. Each household would only be eligible for one credit and would be required to verify their vaccination statute and place of residence to receive the rebate. 

Canepa also suggested program eligibility only be extended to those who are vaccinated on the program start data and after. As proposed, PG&E and any other participating utility company, has been asked to front the credit which would later be reimbursed by the state.

“With a market cap of $22 billion, PG&E can step up to the plate and offer rebates to incentivize millions of Californians to get vaccinated as the delta variant is highly contagious and continues to spread,” Canepa said.

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(4) comments

Terence Y

So we get a bribe from Newsom for $50, a free Loco Taco, and now potentially $100 from PG&E? Since we know CA is getting desperate, why wouldn’t unjabbed folks hold out for more goodies? After all, first-adopters who got the jab missed out on all these goodies because they “jumped the gun” on getting jabbed. They’re now being discriminated against. People who are unjabbed are probably afraid that if they cry Uncle! now, they’ll miss out on even bigger rewards in the future. Can people who are already jabbed just get jabbed again (claim records aren’t accurate) and then claim these rewards? And can people potentially receive multi-million dollar payouts (based on actuarial tables) guaranteed from CA due to adverse effects due to the jab? If not, there may not be enough “rewards” to convince someone to get a jab.



Maybe when someone is saying there goodbye to a family member dying on a ventilator from COVID they will see the light and get the "jab" as you say. Of course if they listen to your news sources they will say COVID had nothing to do with the death, claim that the doctors purposely withheld meds so they would have another statistic to scare people into the "jab". Local hospitals report over 99% of hospitalizations for COVID are for unvaccinated people. A statistic I guess you will claim as "fake news".

Terence Y

My dear Taffy – you’re faux outrage is duly noted. Maybe when someone is saying their (not there) goodbye to a family member dying of heart failure, or lung disease, or pneumonia, or the flu, or any of the other 5 million deaths since 2020, they’ll see the light and begin eating healthier, stop smoking, get a flu shot, etc. Of course, we all know that if there was any indication of COVID, hospitals will say COVID caused it so they can receive higher reimbursement rates. Meanwhile, you’ve got kids who have a better chance of surviving COVID than surviving the jab. How about those parents saying goodbye to their kids (who have their lives ahead of them) because of the jab? A statistic, I guess, for those folks pushing the jab at all costs (in lives, young or not).



Well I'll be, this fancy computer's spell check doesn't even know how to spell their. Do you want me to look for an occasional error in your writings or are you perfect like Donald?

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