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  • Tafhdyd said:

    Terence,Sorry, she was breaking the law. You do the crime, you do the time. Sound familiar? BTW, how are you doing with the bamboo fibers?

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  • craigwiesner said:

    Thank you! One of the great joys of running our shop in San Mateo is that we sell crafts made in a community in Guatemala brought to us throug…

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  • craigwiesner said:

    Thank you! This is one issue where it is too easy to feel like you have no power to make a difference and you provided some specific, sensible…

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  • spudwebb said:

    Terence, you're absolutely right. I was a bit too hasty and cynical in my reply. I am hoping for the best for everyone. If anyone has a chance…

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  • Terence Y said:

    Sorry Jorg and Taffy, but the history of your knowledge of history leaves much to be desired. Your so called Republican to Democrat party swit…

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