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  • Jnantell said:

    Sue, is so right! I would hope both parties understand it is best for all to leave the local elections nonpartisan. Local government seems to …

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  • MichaelHNachtigall said:

    Mr. Amoroso, you are missing the intent which is to provide a safe and healthy environment for their customers. The main underlying reason is …

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  • smdj2019 said:

    Mr. Daane,Since my name was mentioned I feel compelled to respond. I have been present at several of these exercises where the public was invi…

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  • Tafhdyd said:

    The news media needs to get its act together. Everyone knows that Russia would never try and hack someone or interfere with foreign government…

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  • Tommy Tee said:

    You should be censored until you can contribute something beneficial. Name calling and stupid acronyms don't count.

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