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As part of this week’s walk, I spent some time admiring the three-story, triangular-shaped building being erected at 1180 Main St. That building is shaping up to be rather attractive, due in part to its intricate brick façade. I then headed down the street to check on the 851 Main St. projec…

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Of all the moments people have lost to the pandemic, lunch in the senior quad is a minor sacrifice but I spent high school eying those Adirondack chairs on the sacred, grassy ground, waiting for my turn. In the chaos of each school day, lunch exists as a moment of calm to sit in the sun and …

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Since it’s been so cloudy it seems like the appropriate time to look at different types of stars. Particularly since we learned about a new type last week. If you recall, we were exploring the constellations of Perseus. Its most famous star is Algol, better known as the Demon Star, and is a …