After reading the last two columns by Matt Grocott titled “Socialism in America,” I’ve notice a strong pattern of ‘Trump-isms’ in Grocott’s writing. These ‘Trump-isms’ include:

1). Repeating and passing the lies and untrue statements that Trump and Trump’s supporters say, without verifying if it is true;

2). Making stuff up, lying and trying to rewrite history, just to make his or Trump’s opinion true;

3). Repeatedly stating untrue statements over and over again, hoping that people will eventually think it is the truth;

4). Towing the line of the Republicans, the far right, Trump supporters and Trump himself, and using socialism as a buzzword to fire up Trump’s base;

5). Making comments or opinion about a subject-matter that he has little or no knowledge of (Just like Trump);

6). Doubling down on those same uneducated comments and opinions repeatedly;

7). Ignoring the fact that there was a lot of negative feedback in Letters to the Editor about his socialism column;

8). Mainly only acknowledging the few supporters to his column;

9). Lies about Finland and Sweden being socialist countries (they are not); and

10). Lies that Finland’s government collapsed under the cost of socialism.

Remember folks, all this talk and lies about socialism is mainly just another example of  Republican/Trump “lies, cheating and dirty politics,” just to get people to not vote for democrats because they are socialists. Trump will do anything to re-elected. To get the truth about the Nordic countries, simply go online. It’s easy to disprove everything Grocott says.

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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You make many very valid points, Mike, underscoring top Nazi Goebbels’ famous theory that a lie repeated often enough will eventually be taken as “truth”, especially among the less critical, the more easily fooled and the intellectually challenged.

To your reference to Scandinavia, let me just add that all the Nordic countries have been successful working out a socialized version of free enterprise capitalism that encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and personal success, without risking people’s health or damaging the environment. No wonder these countries are among the happiest in the world! We have something to learn here!


Does Trump need a supporter, maybe playing golf?


He needs someone who can keep his count right!

Christopher Conway

Mike- in all your Trumpisms you fail to give a legitimate example of your claims. Trump has a lot more support that you think and I will bet you he is reelected in 2020.

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