For the last several weeks, Matt Grocott’s opinions concerning socialism have dominated the “letters to the editor” section of the Daily Journal. President Trump recently tweeted that “If the Democrats win next year socialism will take over the country.” The Republican Party, conservative commentator Matt Grocott and Trump supporters have fallen in lock step behind the president. Some of the respondents to Mr. Grocott’s opinions have given detailed information about the negative aspects of socialism and have attempted to bond the Democratic Party to socialism. If someone were to ask President Trump what his definition of socialism is, he would probably say, “I don’t know. I’m just looking to throw mud and see what sticks to the Democratic Party and I found it: “Democrats are socialists.” That’s the slogan Trump supporters are going to rally around between now and Election Day. Who cares if Democrats are not socialists or communists, Trump supporters have found their rallying cry — and to think this all started from a Trump Twitter lie.

Art Gonzalez

San Bruno

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Let's not forget that NASA is also a successful American social program.

Dirk van Ulden

JME - NASA is a federal agency. You can't equate a taxpayer financed agency with a social program such as Medicare or Welfare. The distinction is clearly lost on some on the left. If you had been around, NASA's objectives and requested budgets were vigorously opposed by those who fought for the Great Society programs pushed by President Johnson. At least, NASA was able to put several men on the moon whereas the Great Society, despite billions of dollars, produced little more than more poverty and family breakups especially among our ignored black population. The technology that you and are using today are a direct result of NASA's pioneering endeavors.


During the 1930s, the size of the federal bureaucracy mushroomed

thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal agencies.

Later agencies were created. and NASA was originally set up in 1958

as a civilian agency of the federal government.

Perhaps I should have underlined the NASA education program:

The New Millennium Program (NMP) integrates mission content into existing educational delivery systems and focuses on inspiring under-represented minorities to get involved and stay involved in science. NMP's education and public outreach (EPO) plan upholds NASA's guidelines and standards for providing materials and resources to educators, students, and the general public

Christopher Conway

Art- nice try but you are dead wrong. Just look at the Democrats field of candidates for president. The Green New Deal, Medicare for all and open borders. In California Democrats are taking away private property and the will of voters by enacting rent control. Art the Democratic Party are socialists and we have every right for calling them out on it.

Gloria Gael

So, Chris, I take it you won't be applying for Medicare or Social Security when you reach the age. Nor will you be using public streets and bridges.

Christopher Conway

first of all Gloria, I paid into Medicare and Social Security my entire life with my hard earned money whether I wanted to or not. Next, public streets and roads have been with us for over a century. The Green New Deal, Medicare for all and open borders is what I am talking about regarding a change toward socialism.

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