Venezuela is Matt Grocott’s socialist example? Venezuela is a dictatorship. Plenty of dictators have existed in capitalist societies: Germany and Latin America.

Scandinavian countries full of “lethargic and unenthused citizens just waiting to move to the U.S.” Really? My question for Grocott is where does unfettered capitalism ultimately lead? Not too hard to figure that one out.

Darlena Torres


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Dirk van Ulden

Darlena - Venezuela started its new course as a socialist government that soon evolved as a dictatorship. That has been the track record of all socialist movements. I shudder when I see countries like North Korea and others in Africa claim their name as the 'Peoples Republic of...". We don't have unfettered capitalism in the US. We go through political cycles, bi-annual elections,and term limits for presidents, all of which keep the potential of uncontrolled capitalism at bay. Not a perfect system but I dare you to name a better one in the world.

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