Over the past five years, incidents of political violence in the United States by right-wing extremists have soared. Few experts who track this type of violence believe things will get better anytime soon without concerted action. Domestic extremism is actually likely to worsen. The attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of the speaker of the House of Representatives, was only the latest episode, and federal officials warn that the threat of violence could continue to escalate after the midterm elections.

The embrace of conspiratorial and violent ideology and rhetoric by many Republican politicians during and after the Trump presidency, anti-government anger related to the pandemic, disinformation, cultural polarization, the ubiquity of guns and radicalized internet culture have all led to the current moment, and none of those trends are in retreat. Donald Trump was the first American president to rouse an armed mob that stormed the Capitol and threatened lawmakers. Taken together, these factors form a social scaffolding that allows for the kind of endemic political violence that can undo a democracy. Ours would not be the first.

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Terence Y

Hey NYT, in your diatribe, do you realize you’ve listed more left-wing instigators of political violence in the US by left-wing extremists than right-wing extremists? Mr. Pelosi’s alleged attacker is a left-winger while the KKK was birthed by the Democrat Party. And although you memory-hole them, let’s not forget about BLM and their racist ideology - definitely not right-wing.

Sorry, NYT, but as soon as you return the Pulitzers for your fake news reporting on the Russian Collusion Delusion, maybe the American people will take you seriously. As it is now, the NYT is likely consumed by more worms in compost drums than by Americans looking for real news. I do give you credit for no longer using the word “insurrection” as that narrative has fallen flat. Now we’re waiting for you to investigate why Nancy Pelosi turned down the National Guard authorized by our great President Trump. You know, the President Trump who continues to wield more influence the more you try to demonize him.


Terrence, kindly enlighten us a to what part of the insurrection on 1/6 has fallen flat? A quick Google search shows the definition of insurrection as “a violent uprising against an authority or government.”. Anyone with two eyes would see the violence in the Capitol as an attempt to disrupt the normal vote to certification of the presidency.

In your various rants, you continually describe Trump as “great”. In what way, shape, or manner, has Trump been an example of greatness in a positive way? On the negative side, he is certainly great, as in the greatest loser, greatest liar, greatest stain on our democracy. Meanwhile we await one example from you as to how he aspires to any degree of positivity anyone would wish to emulate.

Terence Y

Rrel – are you referring to a so-called “insurrection” that resulted in a Capitol cop murdering a defenseless Ashli Babbitt? Sorry, Rel, but if half a million patriots wanted to stage an insurrection, there would have been much more damage. So please, accept that even your beloved fake news NYT is no longer trying to push that narrative and remove it you’re your Democrat playbook.

As for our great President Trump, we just need to recall his mantra of Making America Great Again, which he did. I’d suggest you search for “White House Trump accomplishments” to round out your limited knowledge base. As for who should emulate our great President Trump, you should start with treasonous Biden, who is Making America Last. Meanwhile we await one example from you, or any rabid left-winger, as to a Biden accomplishment. Sorry, rising crime, rising inflation, rising invasion from the southern border, kneeling to the Taliban and to Russia, etc. don’t count.


Yes, Terence, I am referring to the insurrection that over 800 people have been indicted and many serving imprisonment, and soon to be joined by Trump. As to damage, how does one access the damage done to our republic and democracy from those who refuse to accept the will of the majority voters?

It is noticed you did not provide one concrete item of evidence of Trump adding one positive item to his four years of governance, instead choosing to deflect on Biden. There are many evidentiary items of Biden's accomplishments. Early on, Biden pledged to vaccinate 100 million in 100 days, he did it in half the time. He ended the war in Afghanistan, and passed an infrastructure bill which Trump always promised but did not deliver among a myriad of programs. I'd suggest you search for “White House Biden accomplishments” to round out your limited knowledge base. But, never mind my evidence. Just look at the recent election results. In a midterm election, with the wind at the Republican's back, they may, at best, get a small majority in the House, while an overwhelming number of Trump backed people lost.

Terence Y

Rel – are you referring to a so-called “insurrection” with embedded agents entrapping patriots? Don’t worry about those 800 folks, assuming your count is correct, because they’ll be pardoned by our great President Trump. Hopefully, those responsible for the bogus entrapment will be held responsible, including the murderer of an unarmed woman. I don’t believe there’s a statute of limitations on murder, is there?

And sorry, as usual, your so-called Biden accomplishments aren’t really accomplishments. Ending the war in Afghanistan by taking a knee and surrendering $80 billion in cash and weapons while leaving Americans behind enemy lines isn’t a win. A named infrastructure bill which doesn’t do much of anything for infrastructure is false advertising and isn’t a win. Setting new records each day under Biden’s watch in allowing Americans to continue to die from COVID isn’t a win. If we use your standard for an accomplishment, WWIII would be a win. BTW, did you hear the great news? Our great President Trump is running to Make America Great Again, to erase the stain of Biden’s America Last policies. I’m looking forward to another round of snowflakes melting and heads exploding from rabid left-wingers.



Here is the question of the day. Do we continue a running total of lies by your Great Conman Trump which is well over 30,000 now or do we start a new total beginning with his speech last night which had almost two dozen to start? BTW, when are you going to give us the report on your bamboo fibers? I have been waiting almost two years.

Terence Y

Taffy, my friend, perhaps we can compare your assertion of the number of lies from our great President Trump with the actual number of lies from the TDS-infected mainstream media. The lies regarding the Russian Collusion Delusion easily outnumber, by a multiple of at least 100, those of your alleged assertions against our great President Trump. BTW, when are you going to give us results from your panda pie study? I’ve already said I won’t help you with your research – you’ll have to get your hands dirty. I’d recommend double-gloving but you do you. Hint, wear a mask, or two, for the fumes. And let me know where to send you some towels.

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