Hello pharmacy patron. I’d like to make a small request. Please be kind to your pharmacy staff. There’s something you might not know about us; we really enjoy helping you. We went into this profession because we felt compelled to help people live better, healthier lives. Pharmacists have gone through extensive training and hold doctorate degrees. Technicians have also undergone specific training and testing. These are both positions that we specifically chose and trained for. None of us fell into this job without caring about the patients we see.

Many community pharmacies are at the back of a larger convenience store, but that doesn’t mean that the pharmacy isn’t a professional medical setting. We understand that it can be frustrating that sometimes the line is long or a copay is higher than you expected. We also know that you might be sick and not feeling well. We want to help you. Please make it easy for us to help you. All that we ask is that you treat us with the respect that you would treat any other medical provider. If you wouldn’t say it to your doctor, your dentist, in the clinic or the ER, please don’t say it to us. We are medical professionals as well and we really just want to help our patients.

Megan Lau

San Mateo

The letter writer is a student pharmacist, UCSF School of Pharmacy Class of 2020

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