Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, I remember my parents, just like other families all over America, tuning into the nightly TV news and watching newscasters like Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Chet Huntley. They informed America the news with straight faces and monotone voices. There was no personal opinions, no political bias or spin, just the facts. It was left up to the American public to decide what they thought of the news, not the media. America trusted these newscasters.

Now, with the advent of the computer, the internet and social media, anybody and everybody can post their opinions online, and, anybody can set up a website and call themselves a “media site,” even though they are not a true “media site,” and spout off their opinions, whether they are based on facts and truth or not.

Lastly, Trump’s attempt at causing doubt about America’s media, by portraying the media as untrustworthy, has made the media look bad in some peoples’ eyes. From the first days of Trump in office, the media called him out for all the lies he and his administration told. Trump responded as a typical liar, cheater and criminal would, by accusing the accuser, the media, as he tried to shift the spotlight from him for lying, onto the media. For the most part, it never worked. But, now, we have many politically biased media sites, bought and paid for by big money. Meanwhile, those of us with brains, know the difference between the truthful and untruthful media. 

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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Wish we could go back to the days of Cronkite and such, but afraid we never can. Cronkite operated when the nation had two major wire services - AP and UPI. UPI was reduced to a shell of its once powerful when it hit a financial iceberg, giving AP a virtual monopoly on news gathering and distribution.The DJ at least tries to see more than one side to a story. Support it!!

Dirk van Ulden

Michael - if you think the media are so great, why not call out Biden on his many lies and mistakes? Why do you always need to go back to Trump's days when media bias is staring you in the face? The SF Chronicle dedicates page after page with color pictures on a rinky-dink former Windsor mayor, a spread about a fire fighter but nothing about our border crisis, inflation, Hunter Biden scandals and his totally incompetent cabinet. It must be really hard for you to wake up every morning having to live with denial.

Mike O.

Dirk, only liars, cheaters and criminals support and worship a liar, cheater and criminal like Trump. Trump told thousands of lies and it was well documented. I wake up very refreshed every morning knowing the truth. Too bad you can't say that.

Terence Y

Nice try Mr. Oberg, but every day we see your so-called trustworthy media being proven wrong and filled with fake news. To wit, Russian collusion, Russian dossier, so-called insurrection, and on and on. So what’s your excuse for not knowing the difference between truthful and untruthful media?


Terence: Y do you feel the need to expose your ignorance over and over again? We know it ad nauseam by now. That you don’t understand that the Russian election issues are still under investigation, is understandable, but that you haven’t even grasped how serious the Jan. 6 insurrection was, is more than disturbing! And, please, spare us for your usual blah-blah response! That’s getting tiring, too.

Terence Y

Jorg, as long as you quit submitting the same old hackneyed blah-blah-blah responses, I'll stop pointing out the ignorance of them. BTW, thanks for giving us another variant of the JUNC (Jorg's Umpteenth Nonsense Confusion) effect.

Mike O.

Terence, the Mueller report proved that there was in fact Russian collusion. Also, the dossier was proven to be 90%+ correct. And the insurrection was in fact, an act of treason by Trump, his allies and his worshipers. Those are facts and the truth. It is you that needs to go back to elementary school and learn what those big words mean.

Terence Y

Mike O. Not even close to a nice try, closer to desperation. I guess nobody else believes your allegations about Russian collusion or the dossier, as our great President Trump will attest to. As for your so-called insurrection, are we talking about the Jan. 6 “insurrection” that the FBI and US Capitol Police ran informants and operatives inside? The “insurrection” where an undercover FBI agent was pushing a DEA agent to enter the US Capitol? The “insurrection” where US Capitol Police killed two Trump supporters? Trust me, if half a million patriots really wanted to stage an insurrection, you’d know about it. BTW, your leftie buddy Alec Baldwin killed more people than any of the hundred thousand +Trump supporters at your so-called insurrection. Whether Baldwin is determined to have committed murder or manslaughter is still up for grabs. Perhaps you should exercise some independence and instead of swallowing everything the lamestream media orders feeds you, you should take the time to learn some facts.


What is your source that the dossier is 90% correct?


The Mueller Report confirmed that the dossier was 90% proven correct. Didn't you know that?

Terence Y

Jorg grasping at straws with more JUNC (Jorg’s Uncorroborated Nonsense Claim). We all know that. If at first, second, or thousandth time you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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