Most Daily Journal readers are probably unaware of the political volleying that goes on in the paper’s comments section between folks on the left side and right side of the political aisle. While a lot of the banter is respectful, some is not.

Clearly, not all members of the Democratic Party are progressives. There are plenty of proud, solid liberals who would like to see unity in our country; they are willing to respectfully reach across the aisle. However, in a recent left-wing diatribe submitted to the Daily Journal, supporters of the former president were labeled cult followers who are encouraged to lie and blindly follow orders. The same reader also described Republicans as dump [sic] and dishonest. When that reader was asked to explain the progressive left’s approval for using racial epithets against conservatives and the progressives’ intent to federalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, add a 51st state for political purposes, and keep schools closed … there was predictably no response. Crickets could be heard again when that same reader was asked to explain the current president’s award of “four pinocchios” for making false statements about Georgia’s voting laws.

One last question … on Monday night, NBC News reported that five young girls, ages 11 months through 7 years, were found abandoned on the U.S. side of the border “in the middle of nowhere.” So, where in the world is Kamala Harris, and when will we … all Americans … start addressing the border crisis created by the current administration?

Ray Fowler

Redwood City

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Yes, one has to ask “Where in the world” can we find someone so bewildered, detached from reality and common sense, not to mention so utterly stupid, that the Jan. 6 insurrection is classified as just a tourist event? Anywhere except within the ranks of congressional Republicans?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jorg

Well, la-di-da… things are lot different when you cannot alter or outright censor someone else’s remarks. So we’re clear… my May 14 LTE mentions another reader’s left-wing diatribe… make no mistake… you are that reader. I responded civilly to your “Radical Republican” rant and gave you three opportunities to comment on the following:

Please explain the progressive left’s approval for using racial epithets against conservatives, the progressives’ intent to federalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, add a 51st state for political purposes, and why progressives ignored the science and kept schools closed. Your answer? Crickets. Those same crickets could be heard again when I asked you to explain the current president’s award of “four pinocchios” for making false statements about Georgia’s voting laws.

And the final question… about a week and half ago… NBC News reported that five young girls, ages 11 months through 7 years, were found abandoned on the U.S. side of the border “in the middle of nowhere.” So, where in the world is Kamala Harris, and when will we start addressing the border crisis created by the current administration?

I have other commitments that demand lot of my time, so I will be on sabbatical from the DJ for a while. It’s safe for you to come out now but remember… el buho esta mirando.

Ray Fowler

Well, gents... ob-la-di, ob-la-da!


Ray: What on flat Earth does your comment have to do with my statement, referring to a recent, well documented event? Couldn’t find a rebuttal that made sense?

Ray Fowler


Terence Y

Dear readers, unsurprisingly, we get another JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nonsense Comment) entry and as expected, crickets about bungling Biden. Note that we have two left-wing commenters represented here who are afraid, or more likely, unable, to answer Mr. Fowler’s valid questions. Instead, they try to distract with personal attacks and projection. That tells us all we need to know about them – Colonel Sander’s is looking for his escapees.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler,

Thank you for a concise synopsis of the challenge facing this forum and our nation. Lack of substance in topic matter and impropriety are counterproductive tactics used by immature minds.


Good afternoon Wilfred,

To save you scrolling down to the bottom of the comments I will leave a few words here.

I didn't mean to try and equate Trump's taxes with the border situation. I only mention his taxes as a reminder to those with an open mind to the future, that they should consider someone that follows or believes a known liar may not be the best choice for the country. Think half or more of the Republicans in congress like McConnell, Graham etc. Taxes are just the tip of the iceberg, but it's not hard to get the gist of the topic.

As for the border, I have said that I don't like the situation now and also didn't like the situation before. I will add that although the right looks upon Trump as the Holy Grail of protecting the border, it was his predecessor that did more to restrict immigration there. The despised President Obama arrested more and deported more than Trump. He was known as the "Deporter-in-Chief".

Terence Y

Well Ray, it’s been a few days and I believe your reputation as a fowler has scared off the prey. Unsurprisingly, it appears the person in question hasn’t just openly refused gabbing but is acting like several others we’re aware of, running, escaping, licking their wounds as they’ve all taken a flyer from you. Too often many mortals yell, but are unable to defend it. Some of these mortals are hidden (hint, hint).

Ray Fowler

Hey, Terence

Thanks for your support. To the left side of the aisle... el buho esta mirando.

Terence Y

Ray, that’s a good one. Maybe you can change your screen name to include the motto. BTW, it appears your prey is still hiding, or maybe they’re joining forces in an attempt to discredit you, maybe creating a Russian dossier on you, like the Steele dossier the fake news NYT is finally admitting was a lie. Impeachment in your near future?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Terence

I was interested to hear how some of the left wing readers would defend progressives using racial epithets against black conservatives and how they would try to explain Joe's four pinocchios.

Just today, there was great news from Texas. No COVID related deaths reported today, and that news follows Texas setting aside masks and lock down nonsense in March. What did Joe call Texas' policy changes? "Neanderthal thinking"...

So, I'm going to gracefully bow out. My work here is done. I'll post some remarks every once in a while, but it serves little purpose to contribute thoughtful and verifiable commentary when the other side of the aisle is pretty much committed to political sloganeering that lacks accuracy, credibility or relevance.

BTW... 54 days and no Kamala.

Terence Y

Ray, I’m sorry to hear you’re gracefully bowing out. Please note that many on the right side (and students in my writing class) appreciate your thoughtful and verifiable commentary. BTW, did you really think anyone could defend Democrat hypocrisy or Uncle Joe’s lies and Make America Last idiocy? Commentary from folks on the other side of the aisle is usually based on fake news and lies. When that doesn’t work, scurrying is their response, as we can see from their contribution to this LTE.

Ray Fowler

Well, thanks Terence...

The lefties have retreated to the shadows. No surprise. There really is no defense for progressives abusing Sen. Scott and other black conservatives because of their race while at the same time claiming to be anti-racist. There is really is no sane rebuttal to calling the former president a liar (as you recall, I have acknowledged false statements made by him) then either ignoring or endorsing the current president when a liberal media outlet awarded him four pinocchios for lying.

My criticism of left wing progressives is reserved for them not the workaday Democrats who are honest and want to see our country at its best. Progressives want to divide and keep others distracted as they try to implement an agenda that is not popular with most Americans. That's why we are hearing so much this week about the fighting in Gaza. No one wants to see suffering, but the progressives blatantly blame the country that was attacked and continue to blame that country for defending their people. Wow.

When this thread fades away, I'll take another curtain call then bow out. But before that happens... I just have to say: It's been 55 days... No Kamala.



I am sure there are many people that would defend Democratic hypocrisy and Uncle Joe's lies as you say. After all, millions defend Republican hypocrisy and Trump's lies along with the current crop of lies coming from the Grand Eunuch Party. You only believe your alternative world of info and call real facts fake news so why should anyone bother?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd!

Heavens to Murgatroyd! I am headed for "exit stage right... "

As I do... I want to say you are one of those level headed liberals I have referred to in the past. We can banter and tangle with respect for each other... but I'm done with the progressives. I always wanted an honest debate with them, but I don't think they are equipped for such an exchange.

El buho esta mirando...

Terence Y

Dear readers, at long last we finally have somebody willing to rise to the challenge, if you can call it that. First Taffy says there are many people who would defend Democrat hypocrisy and Uncle Joe’s lies but then neither he nor anyone else is able to defend Democrat hypocrisy or Uncle Joe’s lies. If anything, Taffy is giving us a textbook definition of hypocrisy – saying one thing but doing another.



I saw an Aloha on the memorial thread. It is coming up on 5PM in Hawaii.

I do hope you keep reading the back and forth and throw in some of your wisdom when the need arises.

I will agree that just like you have had it with the progressives, I have had it with the right wing fantasy world group. There are only two or three on the right that can discuss things in a civil way, you and Wilfred of course, but I will have to give some thought to any others.

I know how you like to go forward and you have the running count on Kamala. I did a quick check and I have a count of 2,556 days and counting. That is days since Trump said he would release his taxes when he ran for office.

Vaya con Dios

Terence Y

Taffy, so 2,556 days must be close to the number of days you’ve been afflicted with TDS, then? That’s a mighty long illness. BTW, thanks for including me in the same breath with Ray and Wilfred.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

My good friend Tafhdyd,

I know you have a heart. So I ask, how do you equate the possible consequences of Trump's tax returns with the mess at the border? While both sides are technically complying with the law, nothing will come of one while people are dying from the other.



I wasn't sure if you would see yourself in my comment being as I didn't mention you by name. It is good to know that you admit that you are part of the right wing fantasy world group with your imaginary facts and conspiracy theories.

It is not too late to join the real world when you are ready. The only requirement is you have to leave your QAnon membership card and your MTG fan club card at the door. For now you can still keep your Trump golden idol card. It might put you over the edge if you had to leave it behind also.

Terence Y

Taffy, another personal attack because you can’t defend Uncle Joe even if you tried? I guess I’m not surprised you’re unable to answer any of Ray’s questions. BTW, how about Biden’s new summer camp in Texas for migrant kids? 10,000 kids in a tent city. Let’s hope they’re not in filthy conditions like the current batch of 4500 kids in a warehouse.

Ray Fowler

With a deferential nod to the leathernecks out there...

"Good night, Chesty, wherever you are."

Terence Y

Thank you for the letter, Mr. Fowler. Let’s not forget that in reading these comments (and LTEs), not only do your questions go unanswered (and not just from the person you’re referring to) there are no documented successes of bungling Biden. Some have tried, but it turns out that Biden succeeded because Biden followed the policies and guidance set forth by our great President Trump. As for addressing the border crisis? Return to our great President Trump’s policy. I hear Biden may have begun to do that, in resuming construction of Trump’s Wall in the Rio Grande Valley.

Dirk van Ulden

Bravo Ray. Thank you for nailing him.

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