As I am reading again the phenomenal work by William Shirer covering the rise and fall of the Third Reich, I am struck by the similarities of what is becoming seemingly acceptable reporting of current events in this country.

Censorship by our social media empires and certain publishers is essentially performing the same role that Goebbels so infamously instituted prior to and during World War II in Germany. He would be proud of what has transpired in this country that historically treasured all provisions of the First Amendment that he scoffed at. Even articles by the CDC and the WHO are removed from the social media websites as they don’t appear to conform to censor-based criteria set by self-appointed, Nazi-like interpreters. Interestingly, just like the German population in the 1930s, the majority of our country’s residents does not seem to mind getting a daily dose of biased propaganda and appears to agree with the general direction of our current administration. There is virtually no mention of the exploding crime rate, the factual elimination of our southern border, the ever-increasing, inexcusable homeless crisis, and the thousands of overdose victims.

But, all is well, as the media asks about his favorite ice cream, Biden stumbles and smiles, Harris cackles on, and we have our own contributors on the DJ who miss Trump so much so that they can still spout their irrelevant disagreements with a president who has been gone since January.

Dirk van Ulden


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Hmmmm. I'm reading a book about Churchill called The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson. A great read, it also relates the things the British government kept from the people. Like the sinking of the Lancastria on the same day France fell. It was considered just too much depressing and overwhelming news for the populace. 2,500 survivors of almost 10,000 people. One of the first casualties of war is the truth, but it seems to me we have legions of propagandists spreading fear and hate and division online. It's a whole new ballgame, but I won't equate Goebbels with the corporates running social media. That, like hysterics running around wearing yellow Stars of David because they say their freedoms are being taken away is completely reprehensible and wrong wrong wrong.


Hello HFAB,

I don't recall seeing your posts before, but I may have missed them. Anyway, welcome to the comments if this is your first time here. It is always good to see other points of view, especially ones that make sense.


Great letter Dirk - you nailed it. The left controls the message in 95% of press, social media and education. We are headed for one party government control as soon as Dems get enough people over the boarder to vote for them. One party control is how all authoritarian government come into power by promising free things to people. We're in great danger of joining the 80% of nations in the UN that are under one party authoritarian control if Democrats reduce the Senate to majority mob rule.

Terence Y

Thank you, Dirk and Ray, for a dose of reality. It seems like both your predictions on how the left wingnuts would reply are spot on. Either they’re too predictable or you two are fabulous prognosticators. I’m thinking both. And let’s not forget about the rewriting of history with the idiotic critical race theory where I’m assuming slaves freed themselves without the help of white folks. And the forgiveness by Democrats of the over $1 billion in damages due to idiot BLM and Antifa goons. Yes, all smiles by the media and their compliant lemmings.


Good point, Dirk! The acceptance of Trump’s Big Lie by his uninformed, unthinking supporters, is a brilliant example of Joseph Goebbels’ infamous statement “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. Only difference is that Trump supporters are so conditioned that it wasn’t necessary to repeat the lie about being cheated out of a landslide victory, all Trump had to do, was to say it once, and it was immediately gulped up. Heil Trumpf!


Well, Dirk, it appears you missed the overall theme and message of the Third Reich - the government controlled the output of the media with opposition often faced with death. Whereas, today private companies such as Facebook, Google, et al, decided that promoting insurrection through the promotion of the Big Lie should not be responsibly tolerated. Nowhere has the government threatened the companies or their owners with death.

Dirk, "no mention of the exploding crime rate"? Where have you been? No small number of media outlets from both sides of the fence have been mentioning the problem constantly. As to your other media subjects, while they remain problematic, they are the usual right wing talking points hardly rising to the level of Big Picture items such as reducing the poverty level; infrastructure; voting rights; and more accessible affordable healthcare.

Dirk van Ulden

Hello Rel - I don't believe that I missed the point. The social media have become the mouthpieces for the Left. If you had read about the propaganda machine that Goebbels instituted, you would have known that the pre-war publishing houses were either closed down or consolidated under a single state-controlled entity. For all practical purposes the social media have become a single, biased voice and have been suppressing vital information that was and is critical of our current administration. As these media now control more than 80% of all news flows, figuratively, that is a death sentence for major provisions of the First Amendment.


So, Dirk, what vital information is the social media suppressing?

Ray Fowler

I will jump in... Dirk can contribute later if he chooses to do so.

Jorg... you're kidding, right? You seriously have not heard that the major media platforms have suspended the accounts of conservatives while allowing posts from terrorists (Iran), racists (Farrakhan) and human rights violators (CCP? How about social media platforms blocking reports re: the Biden family financial entanglements with Russia and China two weeks before the 2020 election?

In November 2020 surveys, when Democrats who voted for Biden were asked if they heard that the US had become an oil exporter for first time, which occurred during Trump's term, or if they heard about the feds investigating Biden family finances with China... there were a lot of blank stares. I get it... there are low information voters on both sides of the aisle, but when the media says little about Trump accomplishments, e.g. Middle East peace agreements, and pretends it's OK that Joe does not do a press conference for two months after taking office... that's going to skew rank and file Democrats' understanding of important issues. But you know... the DNC cannot even trust the media they control. How about keeping the media out of the internment camps created at the border by the Biden administration? The same camps avoided by the VP when she did a low pass hundreds of miles away from the real crisis at the border. It appears that social media and news outlets thought a five hour stop, after three months of the VP not visiting the border, was OK.

I'm done playing Whac-A-Mole for the day...



I am late to the party today. Too much on the local front to stir the pot today. I don't have much to add that hasn't been discussed before. Also I will take the high road and the old adage that if you can't stay something nice about someone then don't say anything at all. The only thing I would add would just ruffle the feathers of the right wing fanatics that are on here today so I won't waste my time.

I do have a comment about your 2:06 comment earlier. At the end you said that the January 6th event was condemned by the Republicans right away. Yes they did and I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel. McConnell, McCarthy et al, ripped Trump and the mob up one side and down the other. What happened within a week? They were singing the praises of the golden idol and how they were working to be sure he could get elected again in 2024. Talk about spineless eunuchs and hypocrisy.

Later, it is almost 5 o'clock.


Yes, Dirk, you missed the point. Under Nazis, the state controlled the social media with opposition confronting torture or death. Today, our social media is quite apart from the government and is not subjected to state sponsored torture or death.

Further, social media has NOT become the mouthpiece for the left. Do just a smidgeon of research and you will find more than half of all the major networks and cable stations are owned by conservatives. The right is just crying foul because most of the actual facts do not look favorably for them, thus "fake news". As to your crying about "single, biased voice", where is your similar outcry over FOX News which truly befits the description?

Dirk van Ulden

Dear Rel - I appreciate your thoughtful replies that are unfortunately not corroborated by current events. The social media have subsumed a censored approach to providing news services. Plenty of evidence there as provided by Ray. I think you are conflating ownership of networks and cable stations with the volume of news that folks have access to. That is also pointed by others on this forum. I agree that Fox is slanted to the right but as far as viewership is concerned, the aggregate viewers on the other channels, which are left leaning, far outstrips Fox's reach. And lastly, yes, none of us is subject to torture and death because we watch Fox or MSNBC, not yet anyway.


''There is virtually no mention of the exploding crime rate, the factual elimination of our southern border, the ever-increasing, inexcusable homeless crisis, and the thousands of overdose victims."

Not fair. See those subjects constantly in the news. The problem is I also see LBUnameit and race as agenda items all the time, leading me to conclude that sex and race are all that count. Thank the Lord for Jonathan Madison. I miss the "Rear view Mirror" that helped add some perspective.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Dirk

Well said. It will be interesting to hear what the left side of the aisle says about the content of your LTE. I'm sure they will either dismiss the comparisons to Joseph Goebbels or shriek that those comparisons apply to conservatives. Shriek on...

But here is what I would like to hear... is it OK to deny access to social media when cutting off that access targets conservatives or someone who does not fall into lockstep with the left? After all, Jack Dorsey said expressing yourself on Twitter is a human right. I guess that means human rights are granted to some but not those who will not tow the party line.

Oh, it gets better... how about the MSM ditching unflattering stories about the current president's family and connections to a hostile foreign government. The left is apparently OK with telling everyone what they should hear or read.

Then, there is the cowardice of the left's darlings... sports and entertainment figures who have plenty to say about how bad things are in the US, but go silent for fear of upsetting our adversaries and causing their revenue streams to dry up.

Please... progressives... spare us the chants of "Orange Man bad!" and he's a "liar!" It just seems a tad disingenuous coming from the folks who have told us "You can keep your health plan" and who canceled a presidential campaign for being untruthful and who promised to produce hard evidence of Russian collusion.

The progressives on the left... which does not include honest liberals... are a real threat to the First Amendment.

Ray Fowler


Am I clairvoyant or what?

The lefties "will either dismiss the comparisons to Joseph Goebbels or shriek that those comparisons apply to conservatives. Shriek on... "

Thanks, Jorg!


Being among the brighter ones, Ray, - I fully expected you to get it!


Ray: Perhaps you can also shed some light on why Republicans are so afraid of the truth behind the Jan. 6 insurrection being exposed? What are they trying to hide? Sounds strange, doesn't it?

Ray Fowler

Thanks for the compliment... I guess I have graduated from the ranks of the uneducated, fully duped and unpatriotic persons who reject progressive ackamarackus.

Maybe I get it, and maybe I don't... but there certainly is someone in this thread who doesn't get it...

Ray Fowler


Didn't you write yesterday that Democrats are, "far more likely to stick to the topic at hand and respond the best way they can, even admitting shortcomings on their own side."? It kinds looks like you have drifted away from the LTE and commentary re: propaganda spewed by leftist politicians and the media.

If you would like an answer from Republicans about an inquiry into the events on or about January 6, you should ask a Republican. I say on or about January 6 because there was apparently intel about right wingers on their way to DC before the Capitol riot. It looks like the former president offered assistance and that offer was rejected. The Speaker's role before the insurrectionists stormed Congressional chambers needs to be examined, too.

So, not being a Republican, I cannot speak for them. However, IMO... a commission appointed to investigate what happened on January 6 could find itself in the same pitfalls Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler stumbled into... With 2022 right around the corner, an obviously partisan set of hearings could actually benefit Republicans... maybe.

But you know what I find curious about the January 6 mob action? It was condemned by the Republican Party leadership right away. Why haven't we heard condemnation from the Democratic Party leadership re: mob action by Antifa and BLM? Any thoughts?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

Re: your "comment on the propaganda thread... "

My 2:06 pm remarks focused on the suggestion that Republicans are afraid of an inquiry into the Jan. 6 riots. I don;t think so. The Donald offered assistance before Jan. 6 which was rejected... the Speaker may or may not have had an opportunity to prepare for right wing knuckleheads who were headed to DC... it's likely an investigation may be viewed as just a partisan "gotcha" exercise... if the Dems convene hearings and they start to go the way of the Russian collusion fiasco, that might hurt Dems in 2022. Maybe.

Then I mentioned that Republican Party leaders condemned the riotous insurrectionists. What's odd (to me) is that the DNC did not condemn the summer riots or lambaste Antifa and BLMers who were burning, looting and assaulting others.

In my view, the Republican criticism of right wing rioters is separate from comments they made about the Donald. I think in their heart of hearts, McConnell, McCarthy, et al. would rather not have to deal with the Trump drama, but I don't see their making a distinction between the extremists and the Donald as being hypocritical.

Mitch was not happy with Trump's conduct on Jan. 6 before the insurrectionists stormed the Capitol and he said so. We kicked Mitch's reaction around quite extensively. How do Mitch's comments compare to Nancy's current flap about Omar? Nancy is certainly not being hypocritical. She's refusing to answer. I wonder if she'll go three months without saying something... the way Kamala avoided the border?



Back again for a few minutes.

You say that you don’t think the Republicans are afraid of an investigation and that an investigation by the left would be a “gotcha” exercise. My earlier question still stands. Why didn’t they want and investigation of any kind? If they voted to have one they would have equal number of their people on the committee and it would be truly bipartisan and fair (hopefully). The Dems are going to have an investigation and the right is going to say it is one sided. Duh, I wonder why?

You believe that the criticism of the rioters and Donald are separate. In my view they are not. In their heart of hearts they don’t want to deal with Donald. I agree, you are absolutely right. In my view if they had some testicular fortitude they wouldn’t deal with Donald. Of the 261 Republicans in Congress, only 17 have a pair and 4 of them are women.

We may have misunderstandings about the hypocrisy comment. It looks like you make a distinction about the rioters and Donald and I am only talking about McConnell and Donald. Mitch ripped Donald and a week later came crawling back with his tail between his legs. (Considering there is nothing there, there is plenty of room for his tail.) In my book, along with being a spineless wimp, it is hypocrisy. Looking back I see it is not much different from what I said before.

If we don’t meet on the boards before the weekend, have nice 4th of July.

Ray Fowler


I asked earlier, "... is it OK to deny access to social media when cutting off that access targets conservatives... ?" Well, it's not OK, but the left endorses it. Thanks, Rel.

Sad how the left's "Big Picture" re: the conditions in our inner cities seems to skip over the hideously incompetent leadership of Democratic Party mayors and city councils. Yeah, the MSM media reports crime... anti-Asian violence in Atlanta... oh, wait a minute... it wasn't. A white supremacist guns down bystanders in Colorado... oh, wait a minute... he wasn't.

Crickets from the DNC last summer after their convention re: burning, looting, vandalism, and death in American cities. That is until polling showed such silence was not doing well. Imagine that.

Plenty of coverage of a 17 year old in Minnesota fleeing for his life while being shot at by "peaceful protesters." The coverage focused on his returning fire. The coverage should have been... that kid should not have been there. Agreed. But the failure of Democrats to keep peace in their cities which led to him being there is overlooked.

Hey, MSM... crime in the streets? How 'bout more coverage of Jaslyn Adams, Gyovanny Arzuaga and Yasmin Perez... say their names. We're almost at the six month mark in 2021, and 325 people have been shot and killed in Chicago. Where's that crime coverage?

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