Election results

U.S. House of Representatives

District 14: X-Jackie Speier*-80.5%, Ran Petel-19.5%

District 18: X-Anna Eshoo*-65.5%, Rishi Kumar-34.5%

State offices

State Senate, District 13: X-Josh Becker-77.2%, Alex Glew-22.8%.

State Assembly, District 22: X-Kevin Mullin*-77.2%, Mark Gilham-22.8%

State Assembly, District 24: X-Marc Berman*-75.6%, Peter Ohtaki-24.4%

City councils

San Bruno mayor (one seat): X-Rico Medina*-59.81%, Linda Mason-40.19%

San Bruno City Council (two seats): X-Michael Salazar*-29.43%, x-Tom Hamilton-20.95%, x-Stephan Marshall-20.47%, Stephen Seymour-16.08%, Jeremy Sarnecky-13.06%

Millbrae City Council (three seats): X-Gina Papan*-28.29%, X-Ann Schneider*-22.75%, x-You You Xue-18.77%, x-Anders Fung-18.54%, Errol Zshornack-11.55%

South San Francisco City Council, District 4 (one seat): x-James Coleman-50.53%, x-Rich Garbarino*-49.47%

Half Moon Bay City Council, District 3 (one seat): X-Joaquin Jimenez-61.2%, Adam Eisen*-38.8%,

San Carlos City Council (two seats): X-Ron Collins*-35.29%, X-John Dugan-30.21%, David Tom-18.31%, JT Eden-16.19%

San Mateo City Council (two seats): X-Diane Papan*-39.68%, X-Amourence Lee**-34.66%, x-Lisa Diaz Nash-25.66%

Foster City Council (three seats): X-Sam Hindi*-23.56%, X-Jon Froomin*-22.42%, x-Patrick Sullivan-20.14%, x-Catherine Mahanpour*-18.95%, Latisa Brooks-14.92%

Belmont City Council (two seats): X-Davina Hurt*-39.65%, x-Tom McCune**-28.16%, x-Ken Loo-25.15%, Pat Cuviello-7.05%

Redwood City Council, District 1 (one seat): X-Jeff Gee-64.01%, Nancy Radcliffe-35.99%

Redwood City Council, District 3 (one seat): x-Lissette Espinoza-Garnica-39.21%, x-Janet Borgens*-38.02%, Isabella Chu-22.77%

Redwood City Council, District 7 (one seat): X-Alicia Aguirre*-50.24%, Chris Rasmussen-38.02%, Mark Wolohan-11.75%

School boards

San Mateo County Board of Education, Trustee Area 4: X-Chelsea Bonini-52.58%, Rod Hsiao*-47.42%

San Mateo County Community College District, Trustee Area 1: X-Lisa Petrides-79.92%, Eugene Whitlock-20.08%

San Mateo County Community College District, Trustee Area 3: x-Maurice Goodman*-53.08%, x-Dave Mandelkern*-46.92%

San Mateo County Community College District, Trustee Area 5: X-John Pimentel-50.31%, Lisa Hicks-Dumanske 42.71%, Blair Whitney-6.98%

Sequoia Union High School District, Trustee Area C: x-Rich Ginn-37%, x-Georgia Jack*-34.84%, Shamar Edwards-28.16%

Sequoia Union High School District, Trustee Area E: X-Shawneece Stevenson-70.79%, Jacqui Cebrian-29.21%

San Bruno Park Elementary School District Board of Trustees (two seats): x-Jennifer Blanco*-34.8%, x-Andriana Shea-33.01%, x-Bryan Vander Lugt-32.2%

San Mateo Union High School District (two seats): X-Greg Land*-37.94%, X-Ligia Andrade Zuniga-36.55%, Neal Kaufman-25.51%

Special districts

San Mateo County Harbor District, Board of Commissioners, District 4: X-Tom Mattusch*-49.85%, Lemoine Fernandez-32.24%, Dawn Korth-17.91%

San Mateo County Harbor District, Board of Commissioners, District 5: x-Virginia Chang Kiraly*-51.48%, x-Kirsten Keith-48.52%


Measure Y: Height and density limits extension in San Mateo (needs 50% to pass): NO 50.55%

Measure R: Height and density limits extension with carveouts near transit in San Mateo (needs 50% to pass): NO 53.46%

Measure W: Increase to hotel tax in San Mateo from 12% to 14% to raise about $1 million a year for city expenses (needs 50% to pass). YES 75.89%

Measure U: Increase to hotel tax in Half Moon Bay from 12% to 15% by July 2022 to raise about $1.5 million a year for city expenses (needs 50% to pass). YES 74%

Measure X: Increase to hotel tax in San Bruno from 12% to 14% to raise about $370,000 a year for city expenses (needs 50% to pass). YES 72.45%

Measure S: Imposes an additional business license fee of 10% of gross receipts on cannabis businesses in San Bruno, though no exist right now (needs 50% to pass). YES 63.82%

Measure T: $409 million bond for infrastructure and facility improvements at the San Mateo-Foster City Elementary School District (needs 55% to pass). YES 63.93%

Measure RR: Eighth-cent sales tax for Caltrain operations (needs 66.7% to pass). San Mateo County: YES 71.38%; Santa Clara County: YES 66.83%; San Francisco County: YES 73.66%


Proposition 14: Authorizes $5.5 billion to fund grants from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine for stem cell research. YES 51%

Proposition 15: Increases funding for schools and governments through a new tax formula that will base the rate of certain commercial properties on current market value. NO 51.8%

Proposition 16: Allows diversity as a factor in public employment, education and contracting decisions. NO 56.1%

Proposition 17: Amends California Constitution to allow people on parole to vote. YES 59%

Proposition 18: Amends California Constitution to allow 17-year-olds to vote in a state primary election if they turn 18 before the general election. NO 55.2%

Proposition 19: Permits homeowners over 55, or who are disabled or victims of a wildfire, to transfer their property tax value to a replacement residence elsewhere in the state. Limits tax benefits for certain transfers of real property between family members. YES 51.4%

Proposition 20: Changes sentencing and parole for certain offenses. NO 62.3%

Proposition 21: Amends state law to allow local governments to establish rent control on residential properties more than 15 years old. NO 59.8%

Proposition 22: Exempts app-based transportation and delivery companies from providing employee benefits. YES 58.5%

Proposition 23: Establishes state requirements for kidney dialysis clinics. NO 64%

Proposition 24: Permits consumers to prevent information sharing and to correct inaccurate information. Establishes California Privacy Protection Agency. YES 56.1%

Proposition 25: Eliminates cash bail. NO 55.5%

All information according to the San Mateo County Elections Office semi-official results and the California Secretary of State Office as of Thusday. County results will be certified Dec. 3. State results will be certified Dec. 11.


x-Too close to call


**-Appointed incumbent

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