In 2020 and 2021, we had a thriving, walkable, bikeable downtown with twinkling strings of lights and many outdoor dining areas with enough protection from wind and rain to be comfortable in all seasons.

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SM Drive going South from Baldwin should be one way (with two lanes). B. Street from 5th ave. North to Baldwin should be one way (with two lanes). Ellsworth Street, 3rd Ave. and ‘Lower 4th avenue’ would be both ways East and West.


Downtown San Mateo is disgraceful. Noah's now closes at 2pm and takes in all outdoor chairs. Starbucks forbids indoor and outdoor seating siting the Pandemic even though others have outdoor seating. Drapers, the old Ben Franklin Hotel gets graffiti's every other day. South B Street has some Park lets but nothing like San Carlos along San Carlos Ave and Laurel Street.

Many many years ago near the Ben Franklin there was a theater. It was torn down and years after the Cinema on B. Street was build parallel to the RR tracks. It’s always good to have the train come by –during a movie.

When various well know ex Mayors were in office they both reminded us of how San Matins from all over the neighborhoods of San Mateo, were going to get their bikes out of their garages and ride down town to take in a movie. THAT never happened …. Way too many bike thefts right in front of the theater also.

It was clear during the late 70’s and 80’s that Downtown San Mateo would flow better using one way streets.

Many native San Matean’s brought this up every week for 20 years until they got tired of being told no. Recently some politicians brought it up – saying it was their idea. Really?

If you live in San Mateo – you can close your eyes and by heart tell anybody who wishes to listen – which streets should be one way, which streets should be two way and which streets should have ZERO traffic.

4th ave from ECR to San Mateo Drive should have zero cars from the public, only and occasional delivery zone. Baldwin should be two ways, but SM Drive going South from Baldwin should be one way (with two lanes). B. Street from 5th ave North to Baldwin should be one way (with two lanes).

Ellsworth Street, 3rd Ave. and ‘Lower 4th avenue’ would be north and south both ways.


Thank you for raising this Dylan! With City Council elections coming up in just a couple of months, now is a great time to ask each candidate in each district what they plan to do to revive downtown San Mateo. This is the first time the council is divided into districts, meaning that you have a much stronger voice with the candidates vying for your district and those candidates are working hard to knock on your doors and get your vote.


I agree wholeheartedly! A silver lining of the pandemic was all the outdoor dining. Both for health's sake and for the sheer joy of it, I am mostly sticking to restaurants with outdoor seating, which means most of San Mateo is out. What a mistake it was to force restauranteurs to dismantle the parklets!


I totally agree. It was a real shame when restaurants were told to dismantle parklets. What a waste of materials and money that they had just recently invested. Now we go downtown to select a place to eat and see the sad state of affairs where chairs are on the black top, no more twinkling lights very few space heaters and fewer choices than before because I think restaurants feel pushed out without the tangible support and vision from our city. Why can't we have better?

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