I must respond to the letter “More POTUS lip service” (3/21/23). Regarding the first alleged lie, that COVID wasn’t leaked from a lab: There has never been universal agreement that it was leaked from a lab, and the most recent findings indicate, once again, that it more likely came from animals (as most who have studied the matter have found).

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Thank you Brian Wright, for raising my spirits that there are some people who remember the actual facts of The Former Occupant's misdeeds. I see that the usual apologists continue to support the actions of the vicious and corrupt administration that took us to the brink of overturning a fair election. That never fails to amaze me. And now I will be silent as they respond with their usual do-your-homework-speak...

Terence Y

Actually, SMpool, it’s not surprising some wouldn’t want to do homework – greater chances of uncovering facts that debunk repeated Democrat playbook narratives. For example, our great President Trump’s tweets on Jan 6 where he tweeted to “remain peaceful” or “Stay peaceful!” to his 80+ million followers, debunking the so-called insurrection garbage narrative. I fear for our fragile democracy when willful ignorance has become the norm because folks are too lazy to do the work to find, and accept, the truth. Instead, they’re happy to blindly accept the Biden crime family’s misdeeds and corruption.

Terence Y

Ho-hum, Mr. Wright with his usual segue to another “orange man bad” narrative. Hey Mr. Wright, if a so-called “vaccine” doesn’t vaccinate, then it’s not a vaccination, just a jab in the arm. Meanwhile, studies have shown that the more jabs you have, the higher incidence you have of contracting COVID. Studies have also shown a much higher excess mortality rate in the past few years, with more and more folks are dying from side effects due to the COVID jab. As for your allegation of our great President Trump reaching 10,000 lies, how many lies are associated with the Russian Collusion Delusion or the so-called “insurrection” narrative, which many lemmings fell for? Billions of lies would be a conservative estimate.

Dirk van Ulden

Well Brian - your regurgitating denials are so refreshing. Has it occurred to you that the vast majority of the public believes that we have gone in the wrong direction since Biden took a meat cleaver to our economy, immigration policies, energy supplies and foreign relations? And you dwell on the past President who has not been around for two and a halve years? Wake up!


Oh that's right, when the former president was in office, the majority of the nation felt that the country was heading in a great direction...I forgot. Hilarious.

Terence Y

ALMC – what’s even more hilarious is Biden shaking hands with invisible people, or a Chinese weather balloon outwitting our stolen election CIC (although the first C represents Coward, as evidenced by his kneeling to the Taliban), or Biden needing to be led away by the Easter Bunny or nurse Jill when he loses his train of thought or starts muttering and yelling for no apparent reason. Meanwhile you seem to have forgotten our great President Trump didn’t have issues with inflation, untold millions of invader from the South, or Making America Great Again. Oh that’s right, global laughingstock treasonous America Last Biden is a much better direction for our country.

Dirk van Ulden

ALMC - Selective memory?


Weak, Dirk. Weak.

Dirk van Ulden

Err, ALMC - I believe that I was referring to Bide and his disastrous administration. I am not sure what Trump has to do with the existential predicament that we are now in. But, your response indicates a certain weakness and certainly a denial as you cannot defend what is going on since January 2021.

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