Democrats now compare the Capitol riot to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

It’s a Democrat strategy to focus on Trump to avert an expected loss in the 2022 due to President Biden’s low polling numbers. While the Capitol riots were despicable, there was no credible way a ragtag group of 200 rioters led by a man in a Viking helmet could have changed even one congressional vote.

The press argues that Trump egged the rioters on, but the rioters had reason to believe a poorly worded 12th Amendment gave the House the power to elect the president if a majority of the Senate agreed. Congressional hearings should focus on changing this poorly worded amendment and why Capitol Police were so poorly trained and unprepared and why prior requests to Democrat leadership to reenforce the Capitol Police weeks ahead of time were turned down.

Ed Kahl


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Terence Y

Thanks for a dose of reality, Mr. Kahl. It looks more and more like Pelosi allowed the riot to occur. Of course, it didn’t help that the riot crowd was embedded with Antifa members. I’m sure you’ll get pushback from folks who have swallowed the Dem playbook narrative of an “insurrection” but it’s amusing these folks don’t acknowledge that if half a million patriots actually wanted to mount an insurrection, there would be much more damage. Note that rabid lefties are starting to remove the word “insurrection” from their posts? It’s because they’ve finally acknowledged the truth and realized their “insurrection” has been thoroughly debunked. It’s also amusing that these rabid left wingies don’t want to admit that a US Capitol cop and Alec Baldwin killed more people than these half million patriots. Keep those letters coming, Mr. Kahl. BTW, your letter should get the rabid lefties crawling out of the woodwork continuing to spew fake news and lies. Let’s see if any of them use the word “insurrection.”


Ed: Of all the funnily crazy jokes you have cooked up and exposed on this site, the “poorly worded 12th Amendment” as a reason for the terrorist attack on the Capitol Jan. 6, 2021, takes the price! Do you really believe that such low-scum, window and door breaking morons are more into reading than their preacher, lying, sore-loser Trump? Or that they understand that XII means 12, any more than they understand that QAnon stands for lunacy?

And, for your education, Ed, - horns on Viking helms was Wagner’s idea. The Vikings were not into operas.

Ray Fowler

They actually did a lot of farming...


Wow! Talk about revisionist history. What are the chances if you stopped any one of the rioters on 1/6, they will say they were there because of the 12th Amendment, not because Trump requested them? Funny, almost everyone of the currently 712 arrested have as their defense their leader was a primary reason they were at the Capitol.

Ed, you say "there is no credible way a ragtag group of 200 rioters led by a man in a Viking helmet could have changed even one congressional vote." This statement is factually inaccurate on many levels. The group number of rioters is likely closer to 2000 than 200. They were not led by a Viking but by Trump. The Viking, for all his faults, was not leading multitudes of people to beat down police. As to the credibility of changing one vote, do you not think the primary reason for the assault was to change the certified votes and they thought it was possible at the time?

As to Democrats comparing 1/6 to Pearl Harbor or 9/11, where are your sources for this claim? In many ways, 1/6 is worse because the prior two events were attacks by terrorists from other nations. 1/6 was an attack by our homegrown terrorists seeking to overturn our government and an election simply because they did not agree with the voting outcome.

The real tragedy of 1/6 is we have a Republican Party, so hellbent on keeping power that it is downplaying the treason and terrorism of the day as just another day in the park. "No problem here, keep walking." The fact the will of of the people in electing their leader was wontedly attacked, lives lost, and many others placed in danger only because Republicans were not willing to accept a loss. Thus, the bedrock of our democracy was, and continues to be, in danger and our system is forever in peril.

Tommy Tee

Exactly, Rel! With one year having passed since the attack and the investigation into the events of that day ongoing, conservatives will undoubtedly continue following the same conspiratorial playbook in order to blame anyone but themselves for the Capitol riot. And it’s that unwillingness to accept the most obvious reality, that should leave people wondering: Just how many lies can one group get away with?

Dirk van Ulden

Hey Rel - last I looked, the Democrats are controlling both Houses and the Presidency. If Nancy has her way, they will also control the Judiciary. Who exactly is 'hellbent" on keeping power? You've got to kidding to compare the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 disasters with January 6. But, of course, as a true Democrat, you follow the talking points provided by our "highly regarded" VP. No wonder many of us are disgusted with the crowd in DC and that disgust is also extended to several in the Republican Party, believe me.


Dirk: “several in the Republican Party”?. Yes, I believe you! There must be at least some Republicans honest enough, and who cares enough about the country, to be at least “disgusted” at the vicious, Trump-inspired and -directed attack on the Capitol! The vast majority has lied about it and tried to explain it all away in the most ridiculous manner. Republican dishonesty at its worst, - and to Trump’s delight!

And, how on flat Earth can you twist around Rel’s carefully worded comment to make it sound like he compared Jan 6 to Dec. 6 and 9/11? Did you misinterpret him deliberately, or didn’t you understand what he wrote? Neither would be a first for you!

Terence Y

Unsurprisingly, we get more JUNC (Jorg’s Umpteenth Non-corroborated Claptrap) comments. Hey Jorg, I see you stopped using the word “insurrection.” Progress? Congratulations to Mr. van Ulden for receiving four exclamation points. BTW, in your other comment, what does “… takes the price!” mean? Did you mean “… takes the cake!”? Perhaps instead of wasting time entering exclamation points and jibber-jabber, you should spend some time learning how to use idioms. If you plan on responding, could you toss me a bone – one of your flat earths, please?



Just to take a guess at your word "several", I would say you mean 17. The number of Republicans that still have a spine and a pair. You know, the ones that voted to impeach the conman Loser-in-Chief.


Gee, I feel sorry for you, as you’ve apparently lost contact with reality. You ought to get that looked at.

Tommy Tee

That's right, Ed--they were simply tourists sightseeing.

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