The office component of the historic post office’s redevelopment would be the tallest building in downtown Burlingame, according to a proposal which raised the eyebrows of some city officials.

The Burlingame City Council substantially reviewed the new vision from Sares Regis to construct a sweeping commercial project at the landmark building during a meeting Monday, March 2.

Buringame's former post office

The former Burlingame post office building has been eligible to be listed on a state or national historic register and the city agreed to oversee a preservation covenant to ensure character-defining elements.

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Sorry - this might be viewed by SM Daily Journal as a multiple comment - they can feel free to remove my earlier one. But has the City of Burlingame ever proffered an historical sales tax analysis that concludes replacing brisk retail with office space delivers a financial benefit to the City (or more broadly the County)? Meaning, to the extent the new office buildings and lack of parking steer people to places like Stanford Shopping Center (which I hear from shopkeepers is a recent issue), and perhaps convert Burlingame retail into mostly lunch/dinner establishments for office workers, is there a net benefit to sales tax generation, considering that many corporations have such voluminous deductions against US Federal and CA State tax income for stock compensation deductions they pay little tax at these levels. So maybe there is some benefit to adding incremental office space from the payroll tax generation etc to the City/State. Have these impacts ever been part of the analysis? What about in San Mateo -- are we net benefiting from payroll tax and sales tax via food establishments, given the volume of companies that are able to reduce US Federal and CA State tax by way of stock comp. deductions (made appreciably higher from the recent years' stock price momentum)? Is there a packaged report on this? Or have we been historically better off (sales tax wise and generally) for school resources etc. when Burlingame was practically balanced brisk retail, with incentives for shoppers as the main draw (and eating secondary)?


Mistake. -Class of '87

Primary Resource

The so called historic covenant was just made up by a past city council. Remove that and just use the core post office lobby interior and facade in a adaptive reuse. The rest of the post office, sorting room and offices block more underground parking and are not necessary for nearly everyone’s sensibility. Losing parking is a bad idea. The fantasy that everyone will bike down the dangerous El Camino or California to get downtown is ridiculous and a high percentage of downtown shoppers are not from Burlingame.


Why not just deem Burlingame circle the wagons for parking lot space to park Keep developing and bring in another monstrosity Oculus and place it in downtown parking? Good job!

Cindy Cornell

Oh how the Council's attitudes change. More jobs, no complementary housing, and less parking! They were much more concerned about the affordable housing project a block away that they approved FIVE years ago but has not yet broken ground. This new project should also benefit commercial landlords in the area who will hike up their rents to downtown merchants.

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