Why oh why are the Democrats so anxious to impeach President Donald Trump? He is the best marketing tool they have. Every time he opens his mouth, a few more supporters shake their heads and say “I can’t do it anymore.” He remains a focus so the Democrats don’t have to develop a plan to address some of the significant problems facing our country. We have quickly forgotten that for the first two years of the Obama administration, the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and presidency. Over the next six years, they lost all three because their message did not resonate with the American people.

They reacquired the House because of Trump and not due to the proposal of any new ideas. As much as they despise Trump, the Democrats need to address the issues that got someone like this elected. They must reach out to those who turned to Trump and ask why. And now as we watch the Democratic debates, one of these less than enthralling individuals actually has a chance to become president because Trump sits in the White House. So why rush to impeachment? Would you really rather face someone else in the next election? 

Steven Howard

Redwood City

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Why did the Republicans make Trump their candidate??


That's a VERY good question! And why on flat Earth do so many still support Trump, after he has been exposed as an inept, incompetent and unqualified liar, a laughingstock around the world and a complete embarrassment her at home? Go figure!

Christopher Conway

Worry about your own party, we will worry about ours.

Christopher Conway

because he is a winner and he won.


It is the country the increasing majority of us worry about, not the party. Yes, quite the opposite of the shrinking Republican support of Trump, the liar and habitual loser.

Christopher Conway

he is a winner


Chris: You have a very, very strange definition of what a "winner" is! Even some of Trump's gullible and easily fooled supporters are beginning to question what they fell for. So, let's see what develops, shall we? I bet that 2020 will give some people a clearer hindsight.

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