‘I didn’t know why he wanted to help me’: Woman at center of housing controversy preps for move, thankful for Robbins’ help

Georgia Rothrock

Georgia Rothrock, 85, received an eviction notice two months ago and is supposed to leave her Burlingame home of 32 years this Sunday.

Rothrock rented a room from Marie Hatch, the 97-year-old woman who lived in the same home for 66 years and was apparently told she could live there until the day she died by three generations of property owners.

Hatch died in March after filing an elder abuse claim against David Kantz, the home’s new owner through a trust. Kantz allegedly wants to sell the home and notified Hatch and Rothrock they must vacate the premises by April 17.

Rothrock’s attorney, Paula Canny, said Wednesday she’s not sure whether her client will be forced out of the home Sunday.

Kantz could not be reached Wednesday and his attorney Michael Liberty would not comment.

For now, Rothrock has not found another place to live and the waiting list for senior housing is at least four years, Canny said.

With no tenant protections or rent control in place, Rothrock has little legal claim to stay in the home, Canny said.

“If Georgia lived in San Francisco, she wouldn’t be allowed to be evicted,” Canny said.

The situation has stressed out all involved, she said.

Rothrock said in March that she subsides on $100 a week after paying her share of the $960 rent for the California Drive home near downtown she shared with Hatch. She subsists solely on Social Security.

Hatch’s son, Gary, filed his own elder abuse claim against Kantz after his mother died through the law firm of Cotchett, Pitre and McCarthy. Attorneys for Hatch said the eviction notice helped lead to her death.

Meanwhile, Canny is desperate to help her client find a new home.

“We are trying to work out alternative housing. I’m trying my hardest to find a good solution for a difficult situation,” Canny said Wednesday. “I don’t have a place for her to go right now.”

Hatch’s story received national attention and an online campaign raised nearly $45,000 to assist her. Near the end, Rothrock was her trusted companion and was by her side constantly.

Hatch’s health allegedly started to deteriorate after she was told to vacate her home in February.

“There is no doubt that the callous eviction of Marie Hatch has caused her death,” attorney Nanci Nishimura said the day after her client Hatch died.

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