In his letter “Climate change” in the May 21 edition of the Daily Journal, Bob Cohen offers: “I suggest you look at NOAA’s Climate Reference Network which since 2004 has shown no warming, apart from the 2016 El Niño event.” This is an example of fallacious reasoning. The fallacy here is called “cherry picking,” which can be defined as: selectively choosing data that supports one’s argument while ignoring data that contradicts the argument. When you see someone engaging in this practice, you can immediately tell that person is not a scientist. You can also ignore the person’s other arguments as they have just made it clear that they do not know how to think logically and coherently.

Chuck Simmons

Redwood City

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Terence Y

Mr. Simmons, you are also guilty of fallacious reasoning and “cherry picking.” You do recall that Earth has undergone a number of ice ages? However, I don't recall any “steam” ages. In the past, temperature and CO2 levels have been much higher than today and that was when there were no pesky humans burning fossil fuels, no air conditioning, no aerosols, etc. Maybe in the next 12 years (before the world ends as per those paragons of intellect, Ocasio-Cortex and Crazy Bernie) you will realize that the Earth will do what the Earth will do, regardless of man. Or maybe you can find a way to make volcanoes erupt more often, since spewed ash seems to help with global cooling.

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