Only someone who has completely swallowed the myth of Trump could write “The Trump COVID-19 vaccine” (letter to the editor in the March 3 edition of the Daily Journal). To be clear, there is no Trump vaccine. Repeating it over and over doesn’t make it so. Pfizer’s vaccine was the first to be approved and was not even a part of Operation Warp Speed. Trump chose to play politics with a pandemic, letting state’s fend for themselves and compete for precious PPE, and repeatedly encouraged rebellion against (Dem) states (Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc.) that tried to do what was necessary to protect their citizens in a public health crisis.

This complete failure to inform the public about how to protect themselves from getting infected, provide PPE to aid in this effort, and encourage people to use it has resulted in over 31 million Americans infected and 565,237 dead and counting. The United States is eighth worst in cases per capita and 14th worst in deaths per capita, in spite of the successful development of two vaccines in record time.

How can the Trump administration be considered anything other than a complete and total failure in its COVID response? Now that we have real and competent leadership in the White House, the pace of vaccinations has tripled from the best of the Trump response, and we are actually “rounding the turn” in recovering from this pandemic. It’s incredible to me that so many still believe Don the Con when it’s abundantly clear the emperor has no clothes!

R. Frink

San Carlos

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Dirk van Ulden

Mr. Frink - it must have been a large rock that you crawled from underneath. I trust you are OK without bruises or a concussion?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Frink and his compatriots remind me of sergeant Schultz



Frink: Thank you for setting the Covid-19 history straight! Your view is shared by a steadily increasing majority of us, - - i.e. the better informed and not blinded by the conman who used to occupy the WH. What a difference it makes to have a competent US president, who not only knows what he is doing and able to pick competent people for key positions, but doing it for the rest of us, instead of relating to himself and his own inner crowd. When will we learn not to follow a successful president like Obama with a total failure like Trump, partly “elected” by voters dumb enough to follow derogatory social media remarks against a much more qualified candidate, - obviously not wanted by our adversaries, who prefer someone more easily fooled and manipulated, - like Trump. We can expect more to be exposed in the near future, including crimes committed by Trump. But will it be enough to educate the most devoted Trumpsters? I doubt it.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - let's just write your entry off as an April 1 fools joke. That is what it is. But, I hear, Biden is still searching for more spin doctors so you may want apply, I will endorse your candidacy.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mad scientist Frankenstein,

Jorg, you should consider asking Frink for his hand in marriage. You are peas in a pod. LOL How unaccomplished and unrecognized your life must be. Truly, sad.

Dirk van Ulden

Interesting to note that Jorg came up with a new definition of competence. Apparently he has not seen this stumbling, old fool on staged TV appearances. Also, he alleges that Biden is is in it for us, but Jorg does not yet realize that Biden is doing it TO us. $4 trillion on goodies for his supporters and a few crumbs for us to keep us from totally crazy. I also wonder if Biden will have Jill clean the carpet in the WH now that his dogs seem to never have been housebroken. Who is laughing now, Jorg?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Mark Twain is quoted as saying, “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”

Jorg and Frink must have missed that lesson. Believing their media without looking for other accounts is truly juvenile.

Ray Fowler

You can tell the dog is a Democrat... he's spreading it around without a care in the world.


Dirk and Ray,

Don't pick on the dogs. They are just marking everywhere they smell what was left from the previous administration. I hope they are fed well, they have a big job ahead of them.

Ray Fowler

Ouch! That's a biting (Biden?) comment...

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Was President Obama lying?



Ray Fowler


On the serious side... let's not forget MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare, saying that the stupidity of the American voter would allow the costs of Obamacare to remain hidden and "That is really, really critical for the thing to pass."

On the lighter side... you may be upsetting someone's delicate (and awkward) bromance with Barack.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


As my profile picture denotes, "You must not offend".

Terence Y

Blah, blah, blah, another day, another JUNC (Jorg’s Unsupported Nonsense Comment) entry. BTW, you can thank your pal Taffy for the blah, blah, blah as I had retired it two weeks ago, but have brought it back due to popular demand. And if you’ve received your vaccination, you’re welcome.

Tommy Tee

Excellent letter--spot on.


The genius of Trump's WARP speed program was that it went around bureaucratic red tape and gave billions to tp pharmaceutical companies to pre-build facilities even before to make a vaccine was developed. He also enlisted military logistics to get the vaccine to the states. All this was done while Democrats were saying it’d take years to develop a vaccine. WARP speed probably saved 50,000 lives. It would have saved even more but for the ineptitude of mostly Blue states in giving vaccinations.


Mr. Kahl,

The better question would be what do the 500,000 dead think of Trump and his WARP speed program?

Ray Fowler


I know it's 5 pm somewhere, but...

NYT says both administrations deserve credit for our vaccine supplies. Can we just focus on getting folks vaccinated?

By that, I mean get everyone who wants a dose (or two) properly vaccinated without the politicization in Mr. Frink's LTE. We dealt with this same issue following a March 13 LTE submitted by... wait for it... Mr. Rod Frink.

In response to a stat mentioned in today's LTE, I responded re: that same info on March 13. Here is my verbatim comment, "I checked the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center report referenced by Dirk. It appears his factual claim (based on the report) that the US has almost the lowest rate of COVID deaths is true. The Johns Hopkins graph shows the twenty countries most affected by COVID worldwide. The US has the 18th lowest case-to-fatality ratio (1.8%). That seems to validate Dirk's comment. Who has the highest ratio at 9%? Mexico. The second country listed in the report was Bulgaria with a 4.1% ratio."

You asked what would the 500,000 dead think of Trump and his WARP speed program? Maybe we should ask the millions who have been vaccinated what they think of WARP speed...

Should we blame Woodrow Wilson for the 675,000 deaths attributed by the CDC to the 1918 flu pandemic? That would be well over 2 million deaths today after adjusting for the differences in total population. No.

But as lefties who frequent these pages are so fond of going backwards, I will do likewise... briefly. Maybe we can use ol' Woodrow (BTW... another racist Democratic Party president) in the current discussion. He suffered a stroke toward the end of his second term and his handlers pretty much took over the presidency. Is that analogous to the situation, today? A president who needs handlers?

You asked if the better question would be what do the 500,000 dead think of WARP speed. With reference to the data shared above... maybe the better question would be... with so much effort directed at trying to overcome the pandemic, why would any president open the border to allow entry from a country with the highest COVID fatality rate?

On that topic... when is the person identified as best qualified to address the border situation... the Veep... going to visit the border?



There you go again making a sensible argument with good information. You take all the fun out of my needling the right wingers that need it the most. You understand the coin has two sides or that there is good and bad with most things but they don't. Someday I will tell you my reason for my dislike of Trump and I know it is not a truly sensible reason, but it is my reason and that's the way it is.

Thanks for the 5 PM reminder. I see it is next available in Nuuk, Greenland. I will get ready.

Ray Fowler


I will say it, again... you are a true gentleman.

Thanks for the compliment, and for reminding us there are two sides to any issue.

Mr. Frink has a reasonable point of view that is shared by others... no doubt. However, I do take exception to his misuse of data and his politicization of the vaccine issue. Do I wish President Trump would have made a greater effort to support masks? Yes, but I am more concerned about getting folks vaccinated than going backwards. If we want to stay gridlocked in the past, we can keep rehashing Gavin's dinner party (although I'm certain he was not eating hash*). Or we could comb through (Nancy's comb out?) other gaffes by Democratic Party leaders.

While it's not entirely possible to do so, let's try to stay in the here and now.

* A few years ago, I rode my motorcycle on old US Hwy 6 (not Route 66) from Long Beach to Cape Cod. It was a great ride. Along the way, in the Boston area, I stopped at Persy's Place for their corned beef hash. It takes them about 6 hours to prep this specialty dish... it is amazing. While this American delicacy will not be offered with other entrees at the French Laundry, if it was on the menu, it would sell out.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Hello Mr. Fowler Tafhdyd,

It is a joy to see exchanges that advance the conversation.

My wife and I understood who was at risk from the outset of this pandemic. We used our common sense to avoid others and wore masks before science said we should. Honest question, why does anyone heed a politician about anything to do with health matters? Heck, even Dr. Fauci could be accused of everything they attribute to President Trump.


Ray and Wilfred,

I forgot to mention that I hope you have a nice Easter with your families if that is the case. Just remember to stay away from those marshmallow eggs, they will ruin your dinner and just about everything else. Have a nice 5 o'clock also. :)

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler and Tafhdyd,

I second the Easter wishes. And the 5 o'clock thought as well! [beam]

Ray Fowler


As Voltaire once said... “Le sens commun n’est pas si commun.” (Common sense is not so common) However, you appeared to have the cornered the market on that commodity in Alaska.

While, Fauci has been a tremendous disappointment... the doom and gloom from alleged medical experts on the left and the neener-neener from their counterparts on the right could not be more annoying. Just tell us what is really going on...

Tafhdyd... thank you for the Easter well wishes. Hopefully, people all over the world... regardless of religious persuasion... will pause sometime on Sunday and think good thoughts.

BTW... could those marshmallow confections be used for attic insulation?

Terence Y

R. Frink - that’s a good one! You almost had me going until I realized your letter was printed a day late. Next time, request to have your letter printed on April 1, as April Fool’s Day jokes aren’t effective any other day. Until then, all hail our great President Trump for his Trump vaccine. And if you’ve received your vaccination, you’re welcome.



What is good for the goose is good for the gander. You are a day late also with your blah, blah, blah comedy routine.

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