Thank God for President Trump and his “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine research program that developed the “Trump COVID-19 Vaccine” in only eight months — a medical miracle. President Trump solved the COVID-19 pandemic in only eight months and rolled out vaccine shots into arms in December 2020. Prior to Trump’s COVID-19 vaccine the fastest turnaround for a new vaccine — from research and development to clinical trials to regulatory approval — was in the 1960s, for the mumps, and took four years. Also, the Trump COVID-19 vaccine is miraculous because there has never been a coronavirus vaccine before Trump’s vaccine. Under Operation Warp Speed, research on vaccine development — including new science using messenger RNA to train the immune system to block a virus — was turbocharged by Trump and billions in federal investment to insulate six vaccine makers from financial risk. It worked, and by December, Trump granted emergency-use authorizations for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, with Johnson and Johnson a month later.

When Trump left office on Jan. 20, 2021, Trump had vaccinated approximately 20 million American’s with his life-saving “Trump COVID-19 Vaccine” — Biden just needs to continue Trump’s miracle. Thank you President Trump for saving America!

Mike Brown


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Let's give credit where credit is due when it comes to the stunningly rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines: scientists, doctors, universities, governments, NGOs, corporations, individuals who fund long-term research, and tens of thousands of individuals worldwide who signed up to take part in clinical trials. 

Let's start with the key scientific and medical miracle. In 2005, University of Pennsylvania's Drew Weissman, MD, PhD, and Katalin Karikó, PhD, discovered that exchanging one of the four building blocks of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) molecules could greatly increase its potential. It was this discovery that, 16 years later, led to the creation of vaccines using mRNA. This, added to the years of research that had been done after SARS and MERS, previous Coronaviruses, gave the world a leg up on creating a vaccine for Covid-19.

Clinical trials of vaccines and therapies can take many years because of a lack of individuals willing and able to participate. With Covid-19, there was a massive worldwide volunteer base that signed up to help. This dramatically decreased the time it took to test the vaccine candidates. 

Funding for vaccine research and testing was rapidly released into the world keeping money from NOT being an issue in the race against time and that funding came from a huge variety of sources, including philanthropists like Bill Gates and Dolly Parton! Yes, the Trump Administration invested billions of dollars in research. This helped some pharmaceutical companies like Moderna with their development costs while others like Phizer blazed forward without any extra U.S. government funding. Both companies also benefited from advanced U.S. purchases of vaccine doses, guaranteeing that if they did come up with a working vaccine they would sell hundreds of millions of doses to the U.S. 

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Brown,

Well said. Your thoughts are shared by millions across the nation, if not the world. Thanks for giving voice to them.

Ray Fowler

Lefties on the page this morning... going backwards, again.


Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Thanks for the laugh, Ray. The lefties in my life are all show and no go. As was demonstrated when I assumed the task of caring for my closeted gay foster father. Aging, hungry and infirmed, there was no government, union or friends he lauded to help him; only this redneck from Alaska.

Ray Fowler


With you in his life, it's like your foster father hit the Lotto. Family first...


Trump cut thought bureacratic red tape and got billions into the hands of pharamceutical companies to pre-built production facilities before a vaccine was discovered. Democrats hate Trump for this. The party of destruction did not offer any support to this and had no better ideas. WARP speed saved a 100,000 lives.

Trump also cut travel down from China in Jan 2020 as Nancy Pelosi paraded though China Town encouraging people to go out and shop. And then Kamala did her part by making people fearful of getting vaccinate - a fear that still prevents people from getting vaccinated.


The science denier who downplayed the pandemic and told his ignorant supporters that it would go away, - was an incentive for the vaccine developers? And now he claims credit for something he actually discouraged? Not all that unusual, though! Trump has a habit of claiming credit for the accomplishments of others, while blaming someone else for his own blunders.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - you are fortunate to live in this country. In many others they would have led you off to a looney bin for life. Your comments are absurd but what do we expect from you anyway.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


During the recent presidential race, a FNC commentator quipped that candidate Biden's speeches were akin to a dog barking at cars in the parking lot. I see that as the best description of poor Jorg. Hehehe He so desperately wants attention. We should pity him. SMH



Which Jorg comment are you reading? Trump denies science, claims credit for anything that is good even when he had nothing to do with it and blames everyone and everything but himself if something goes wrong. I know being a dyed in the wool Trump supporter you don't believe in facts but what part of that is not true?


For telling the truth, that only the steadily declining minority still don't grasp? Btw.: Why would I choose to live under a dictatorship?


Getting the vaccines started with a boost is the least he could do considering the thousands of needless deaths due to his lying and bungled handling of the virus pandemic in the beginning.

Terence Y

Mr. Brown – thank you for highlighting just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of our great President Trump’s accomplishments. Agreed wholeheartedly. Everyone should thank President Trump for saving America.


Where was our watchdog press during this? now it is the lapdog. When will "unfounded" appear in a Biden story? Don't count on it. AP has already told reporters not to use "crisis" in border stories, even though "crisis" was word of the day when Trump was in office.

Tommy Tee

Thanks for the laugh.

Cindy Cornell

You mean "The Mark of the Beast" that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green calls it?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Mike

Thanks for acknowledging the progress made during the Trump administration re: the development of a COVID vaccine. The challenge now facing the Biden administration is getting the vaccination into Americans' arms... I think everyone wants to see progress in that area, too.


Ray: Haven't you followed what President Biden has been able to do with vaccinations? Missed it?

Ray Fowler


I have been out all afternoon and just saw your post from earlier this afternoon. I referenced a week or so ago a NYT piece that said BOTH administrations deserve credit for their COVID responses. Did you miss it?

I think I was the first responder posting a comment on this LTE earlier this morning. I thanked the writer for acknowledging the progress made by the Trump administration in the development of a vaccine... then pivoted and remarked that the challenge facing the current administration will be getting more Americans vaccinated and that we want to see that effort succeed, too. Did you miss that, too?

Too much akevitt?


Look at your own wording, Ray, - and you may understand my reaction. Hasn't the vaccination progress under President Biden been impressive enough, - despite the usual resistance from science challenged Republicans? What more could he have done

Ray Fowler

Please spare everyone your ackamarackus (there's that word again) re: who follows the science. The CDC green lights schools reopening based on the science but Joe puts the brakes on. Now, why would he do that? Do you think it has anything to do with pandering to teachers unions? Teachers unions spent a record number of dollars on campaign contributions in 2020. Any guess which candidate received more cash than any other candidate? If you guessed Ichabod Crane, you would be wrong. If you guessed Joe Biden, you would be correct.

Yeah... looks like too much akevitt. Take it easy, pal...

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