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San Mateo city officials are once again discussing further building codes for new construction and home renovations with the goal of eliminating natural gas use, and an Aug. 30 virtual webinar will provide an opportunity to learn more.

The City Council 2022-2023 strategic goals has called for working on policies to decarbonize existing buildings and eliminate methane gas use in buildings by 2030 to limit carbon emissions, prompting the push for stricter codes.

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Terence Y

Instead of virtue signaling, shouldn’t San Mateo city officials concentrate on more pressing problems? Unless San Mateo can localize the air above them, this is a waste of time and effort. Newsom has already extended the operation of natural gas plants that were scheduled to be closed – now there’s no sunset for these plants – due to electrical demands. It sounds like Newsom, in addition to the 5 new natural gas plants supplying electricity, should now order a few more natural gas power plants. To save on transmission losses, I’d recommend Newsom build a few in the Bay Area, perhaps in the San Mateo hills. I’d recommend we have a virtual webinar on turning San Mateo city officials jobs into part time status, since it appears there’s plenty of wasted time, now, and in the future, on this all electric boondoggle thing. BTW, for those interested, James Meigs submitted a great op-ed yesterday: https://www.ocregister.com/2022/08/29/the-green-war-on-clean-energy/



Another that the commission & council might/should consider in addition to the banning of natural gas (delayed until the delivery system leaks are fixed)

Would be to ban all non-cabon-neutral cement/concrete in all new construction within the city


This Carbon-Neutral Cement Is the Future of Infrastructure

It could eliminate the 2 gigatons of carbon dioxide annually pumped into the atmosphere through traditional cement production.

Cement, a key ingredient in concrete, requires mined limestone. Now, researchers are replacing the limestone with microalgae.

Adding in this biogenic limestone can make concrete carbon neutral, and potentially carbon negative, by pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

By growing calcium carbonate through photosynthesis, the biogenic limestone can replace quarried limestone.


Not well-thought-out, IMHO...missing the real issue

The burning of natural gas generates mostly CO2, which is not good for the air & environment. Unburned methane is one of the worst gases that contributes to climate change

But...the real culprit that this is in reaction to is that our delivery system of pipes throughout the country leaks like a sieve

Before going all in on banning home natural gas...the city should look into pushing PG&E to fix their natural gas delivery system leaks

Hoping they find someone who knows enough to convince them to delay this until after the delivery system leaks are fixed

Even then, there are many types of cooking that require open flame. Not induction, halogen, etc.

Like my Wok. Induction requires a min thickness and with the way of Wok cooking, the thickness will then take time to move heat to outer portions of the Wok. Then that with gas, can control cooking areas and their heat. Induction won't be easy.

That would be a ditto to any Restaurant cooking with a Wok or an open flame


Dirk van Ulden

Don't you worry Ben. By the time there is a massive conversion to all-electric homes and businesses, the grid and local distribution will have collapsed. Just make sure you keep your gas lines in good repair. PG&E is doing what it is told to do, as a regulated utility, and is not in a position to counter such idiocy as contemplated by the City of San Mateo.

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