Evan Adams

Evan Adams

A tweet by Foster City Planning Commissioner Evan Adams that called for monitoring Indians in the United States has drawn community ire, with some calling for his removal from his position.

In a since-deleted post on his private Twitter account, Adams posted, “Time for the USA to start monitoring Indians in the USA and connections to Indian Defence Contractors working with Russia. Shut down the $$$.”

Adams said he meant to draw attention to a need for the United States to continue to monitor funding connections that flow from the United States through other countries to Russia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, such as through defense contracts. He said the tweet was poorly written late at night and, when he reread it the next morning, he immediately deleted it. Adams apologized and said he wanted to make amends and grow from his mistake.

“I apologize for what I did,” Adams said. “I own it. I will work to make amends. I did not mean what I said.”

Adams said many people have reached out to him and acknowledged he made a mistake and were giving him the opportunity to do better. He said he did not plan to resign from the Planning Commission at this time.

The comments have led to many community members’ condemnation, including former Mayors Sanjay Gehani and Richa Awasthi. Gehani spoke during public comments at a March 6 council meeting and said he and others in the community were pained and saddened by the tweet. He said the egregious comments about a large segment of the Foster City community had no place among elected officials and those appointed to committees and called for an agenda item to remove him from the commission.

“Many of us in Foster City have lost faith that Mr. Adams can maintain an unbiased approach void of bigotry towards any Indian who submits a proposal to the Planning Commission, especially since the Planning Commission is the only committee that makes decisions independent of the council,” Gehani said at the March 6 meeting.

Awasthi, the first immigrant Indian woman mayor, said the tweet was shocking and deeply hurtful. She noted a lot of work still to be done on equality and accepting people.

“It’s concerning, and it fills you with anger,” Awasthi said of the tweet.

She also called for his removal from the Planning Commission, citing a critical need to send the right message to the community that it doesn’t stand for such behavior. She noted the city had a large Indian population, and the perception of bias given his comments should lead to his removal. The San Mateo County Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus denounced the tweet, calling his remarks xenophobic and dangerous. It asked the Foster City Council to condemn the comments and bar Evans from all commissions and take measurable action to welcome and provide fair access to municipal services for South Asians.

Speaking at the March 6 meeting, Mayor Jon Froomin said he would submit a request to agendize an item to discuss the issue. The request will be listed on a future agenda as an item so the public can see something on the subject is being considered. Putting an item on the agenda will allow the council to talk about the issue and proceed with further actions if desired. Froomin wanted the further discussion to allow Adams and the public to respond to the council. The item would likely come back at a March 20 meeting.

“This publicly available communication is concerning not only to our Indian community but also to me,” Froomin said. “I am concerned how this statement from a City Council appointee reflects on our community image and values of inclusivity and diversity.”

Planning Commissioner Phoebe Venkat, speaking as an individual at the March 6 meeting, said she was shocked when she saw it but supported Adams and said he was not a racist.

“As a person, as a human, this tweet that was published was not reflective of what he meant to say,” Venkat said. “People don’t have to agree with me. I’m not here to change anyone’s mind.”

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Curtis Driscoll covers transportation and the cities of San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont and Half Moon Bay. See my other articles: https://bit.ly/3IruW6p

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(11) comments


mey grandmother Allene harrold was president General of the UDC all over the south wonder what she would say maybe best not to share that recist comment .


i wondered who has the time to follow tweets around in their daily lives who was monitoring comments and not making their own? then managing tocontact with pacific islanders in our community they are not Indians as has been mentioned i had to wonder indians what tribe deals with the Russians having no idea the other Indians being referred to here..which tribe deals with russians? there are other Indians native to our country call them and proceed causing trouble with them? Pacific islanders are not indian...cause trouble tell them who should tweet what as you enjoy stirring up thing to get your names in the paper? you won't have q;egacy i can see in fc. just one for stirring up the geese and trying to convince the council to support your self to buy and improve your preschools schools here in town?


note to awasti leave my Pacifoc Iparents i can share some neat commehnts from half the past football team at aragon you don't need to share any negativity with them they are the salt of this earthh we know raised hem all . now their kids are long time Islander community We raised about half of all the now adult community we know who to call if we need help.


gehani broke the law to try to buy toritos Richa continued to mention she was the mayor of color and in every article about the geese continuously mayor term over used again and again now you notice the ones with over using the council references as if the only woman mayor was some kind if throne she was continually referencing herself as some kind of goddess in FC let he who is without blame cast the first stone clean up yourselves gehani and richa. cast the first stone against your morals you will never posses . Evan A dams knows more about this town laws you will nnevr know.regulations than you will ever know as a caucasion senior it always bothered mt to hear woman of color and the ignoring of laws gehani broke . they are speaking out it is my town too. clean up your past before you attack others. you are not perfect. .


nd daughters if the american revolution woukd consider the woman if color as i am u anited daughters of the confederacy bd daughters fof the American revolution. a member if each club born in Georgia i became a member as all my relatives are UNITED Da ughters how woukd they respond to woman of color? ancle governor cliff walker would respond? careful what you cl;aim as fame.

Terence Y

With all the hijinks, fake news, and lies from the kangaroo court known as the Jan. 6 commission and the endless lies from Shifty Schiff regarding the Russian Collusion Delusion, there’s outrage for someone who’s exercising his First Amendment rights on his private Twitter account? Perhaps Mr. Adams should add another tweet regarding monitoring all Americans, or white people. Would Mr. Adams then earn praise from folks now demonizing him? At least he could now claim to be equal opportunity…


What is it with Planning Commissioners? Here in San Mateo, we have a Planning Commissioner who admitted stealing campaign signs of his preferred candidate’s opponent, we have another Commissioner who declared a whole neighborhood racist because of concern for demolishing historic homes, and we a third Commissioner insult a big population of residents as he interviewed for an open City Council seat. While I’m not sure any of these actions stand up to what Mr. Adams said in his tweet, I can say, “Foster City, we feel your pain!”


I figured I would provide context to the outright lies that are expressed here. The planning commissioner that stole signs of his "preferred candidates opponent" did not endorse either candidate in the race and instead removed the sign because it was illegally placed, which he then apologized for. The planning commissioner who you say "called an entire neighborhood racist because of a concern for demolishing historic homes" merely said that the incredible opposition to a Black family moving into and remodeling a house in a neighborhood could be viewed as racist (which it was, but the commissioner didn't say that). On that note, 3 months after the uproar about "demolishing a historic home," another family who had lived in the neighborhood remodeled their home with no opposition. I cannot speak to the third point, as I do not know what you are referencing, but comparing the first two to what Evan Adams said is quite problematic.


Owen, the first two statements you make are incorrect, this is where the lies are coming from… twisting the truth to make it convenient for questionable “leaders.”


Would you like to share evidence to back up that claim. Or will you continue to spout misinformation to stoke fear in San Mateo.

Jeff Regan

I’m not sure who Planning Commissioner Chair Evan Adams is at this point.

He grew up in Hillsborough, was a registered Republican until June, 2022, until he ran for City Council and changed party affiliation to Democrat.

He is very involved with YIMBY groups outside of Foster City while down playing his pro-development stance during his Council campaign.

Indeed, he was all for redevelopment of Mariners Point Golf Course into housing, until that was a liability for his run.

Who is the real Evan Adams?

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