Ed Kahl’s letter in the Sept. 11, 2020, edition of the Daily Journal was filled with so many inaccuracies and downright lies I feel compelled to respond.

1). Unemployment was at all-time lows before Trump was elected. Check any trustworthy (read: not FOX-owned) publication or website. Trump’s tax cut helped the wealthy, not those struggling to make ends meet.

2). Even Trump’s own medical team believes there won’t be a vaccine available until sometime in 2021 — maybe late 2021.

3). School choice lets wealthy families select their schools of choice because they can drive their children to whichever school they want. Poorer families often have to send their children to nearby schools because they don’t have cars or can’t drive them because they are working. 

4). Check out Wikipedia, which is a far better source that Ed Kahl for many of Joe’s Senate accomplishments.  Joe voted wrong on several issues, but he, unlike Trump, is a big enough person to admit when he makes a mistake.

5). Where’s Ed’s proof about Joe’s “drastic socialistic policies?” He can’t make a statement like that and not back it up. Joe has listened to many of his former Democratic opponents and, if they have a good idea, he incorporates it into his policies.   

Joe’s website says this is a “BATTLE for the SOUL  of the NATION.”

Do you want the soulless loser we have now or someone who believes that every single one of us deserves to be heard?

Joanne Engelhardt

Redwood City

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Thank you for your responses. I still think your answers are what I call "yeah but.." You all think to bash public education is okay. I am saying enough is enough. It's not okay.

Terence Y

I see Mr. Fowler is easily blowing holes in Ms. Engelhardt’s TDS rants, in addition to other lies from TDS-infected folks, so I’ll defer from piling on. Since any alternative to a brain-dead Biden who can barely utter a complete sentence is preferable, I guess Biden is even worse than a soulless loser.

Ray Fowler

Joanne... re: Joe Biden's record:

Joe Biden is popular with voters for good reason. However, beyond an appealing personality, what about his performance as a senator? He supported Social Security cuts (more than once), however, as a presidential candidate, he says he will expand the program.

He supported the Hyde Amendment which denies women the opportunity to use Medicaid funds for abortions, and he voted to allow states to set abortion polices. However, as a presidential candidate, he reversed his position on the Hyde Amendment to align with every other Democratic Party presidential hopeful’s position on abortion.

Senator Joe Biden voted for NAFTA which sent a lot of American jobs to our trading partners. Now, he agrees the USMCA trade agreement crafted by Donald Trump’s administration is better than NAFTA.

Of course, as a senator, Joe Biden sponsored a crime bill that led to mass incarcerations which has devastated the black community. The NAACP called that bill “a crime against the American people.” As a presidential candidate his views on crime are much different. This week, after two deputies survived an attempted assassination attempt in LA, Joe Biden started calling for gun control. What gun control measure would have prevented the attempt on the deputies’ lives? Ironic that his shining moment… the 2020 DNC… avoided the topic of law and order. Now, he is all over it.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Joanne

Thanks for raising some important questions in your letter. With respect to unemployment and tax cuts, you encouraged folks to check any trustworthy source for information on those topics. I did. Here's what I found:

Unemployment… In Barack Obama’s first year in office, 2009, unemployment was nearly 10% as part of an ongoing financial crisis. It steadily declined to 4.7% by 2016. Last year, the unemployment rate was 3.5%. It had not been that low since 1969 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Tax cuts… With respect to Donald Trump’s tax cuts, the IRS reported that persons making between $20,000 and $200,000 saw a double-digit decrease (at least 11%) in average tax liability. Persons making over a million dollars saw their tax liability decrease by 4.3.%

So, it looks like three years into Donald Trump's first term, unemployment did drop to a historic low, and tax cuts during that same time benefited both low and middle income earners.


I keep reading all this bash public schools. What kind of qualifications do the school bashers make to pass judgment over these schools? I don't see any except private school adulation. The schools must be working as there is sure a whole lot of discussion on them to not be working Bash your own schools and leave mine alone. The Community College system is one of the best in the nation to leave choices to further educate yourself is phenomenal . Public schools give a firm foundation to be able to learn environments. . Leave them alone find some kind of compliment to share about something I sure can't find any compliments in this bashing behavior. Always Praise Trump bash public schools enough is enough. I have listed my A.A., B.A, M.A. from an East Coast Ivy League school California University schools and community college choice school...What are yours? Do you have any qualifications to criticize everybody else? I think not.



You make some very good points. Our public schools do a great job educating our youth. One problem that public schools have is they can only work with what they are given. If a student doesn't do homework, read assignments or get any supervision at home the best school on the planet isn't going to educate that student. All children are entitled to an education including those with problems or disabilities, learning or otherwise. What many people that want school choice fail to realize is that the private school is really the one making the choice. They pick and choose the students they want to teach, they don't take all comers.

One of the many items that made the rounds on the internet under the title "Things we have learned" a few weeks into the shelter in place orders due to COVID-19 was that parents found out that the teacher is not the problem.

As for the praise of Trump. I will say that he is one of the best at what he does, lie, cheat and be a conman.

Ray Fowler

Hi, aball

I am responding to your comments to neither praise Donald Trump nor bash public schools. I am a product of California's public school system when it was the envy of school systems across the nation. That is not the case, today. It is not bashing to look at abysmal standard test scores and support calls for improvements to our public education system.

That will be difficult... not because teachers don't want to teach... but because of large teacher unions. They don't like competition and have waged a decades long battle against charter schools. Charter schools are public schools and they are schools of choice. The large teacher unions would have you believe that charter schools have opened their doors purely for the purpose of making money. Wow. Of the 1275 charter schools in California in 2017, how many were "for profit" schools? About 30.

Agreed. No one should bash school kids or honest, hard working teachers, but large teacher unions do not always serve the best interests of students.

Dirk van Ulden

Aball 52 - I believe we are generally bashing the K-12 system that has been run by unions to benefit union members. I too came through the secondary system with an AS, BS and an attempt at an MBA from CCSF, UCB and SFSU respectively. All were excellent education havens and I can't praise them enough. The K-12 system is an entirely different story.

Christopher Conway

School Choice is bad because it allows parents with resources to drive their kids to a school they prefer? The Democrat agenda is to keep everyone as miserable as the poorest person in the district. Anything else is racist. Public Schools, a race to the bottom.


Public schools have been going down hill since the Republicans came up with "no child left behind". If a school had a system that worked well but was not in line with lower standards of the national program they couldn't use it. The purpose is to be sure the masses are not as educated as the elite to make it easier for the Republicans to spread their propaganda.


How right you are! Without enough poorly schooled, easily fooled voters, Republicans can’t win anything anymore. And, of course, they need the outdated Electoral College to get someone as inept, unqualified and dishonest as Trump into the WH. I don’t know a single educated, thinking person who would even dream of voting for someone as incompetent as Trump, - not to mention, dangerous for the security of the nation!

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jorg

I think we can agree that our public schools are not doing a good job educating our youth. However, it's not Republicans but Democrats who are influencing young minds, and that influence is a left wing agenda... pure and simple. It's not being driven by rank and file teachers but by teacher union leadership. Two and a half years ago, the CTA distributed posters to their members supporting BLM, abortion, open borders and resistance. Those posters were prominently displayed on classroom walls and on outward facing windows in public schools. If our schools are supposed to stimulate creative and critical thinking, why does the CTA push only their point of view?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - for your information, if the Electoral College were eliminated, only the most populist states would be in a position to elect the president. Thus, candidates would only focus on those states with the most populist votes, leaving the ones with few votes in the dark. Would you really want to ignore, Delaware, New Hampshire, the Dakotas, Vermont, Alabama and Tennessee? When you became a naturalized citizen, and I assuming you did, you would have studied the history of this country and the Electoral College was and has a very important role in our election process. But, based on your comments for the last few years, you are a group thinker without even a scintilla of original thought.


Dirk: No one is ignored if each vote counts, and the candidate with the most votes, wins! With the Electoral College, Republican votes in California don’t count. Neither do Democratic votes in Republican states. What’s fair with that? And, don’t forget that the EC recently resulted in two disastrous Republican administrations! What’s good about that?

Terence Y

Another JUNC (Jorg’s Uneducated Nonsense Comment) entry grasping at straws to excuse incompetent Crooked Hillary’s humiliation. I agree you don’t know any educated, thinking people, only your fellow inept, unqualified, and dishonest TDS sore losers. Maybe you can again lecture us about racism when your home country is 95% non-black. Or why Americans should pay a 63% flat tax and 28% VAT to support brain-dead Biden’s socialist plan. Colonel Sanders is still looking for you.

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