The board and proponents of Measure RR are again misleading the public. Caltrain is not an essential part of our transportation network, public transportation is changing, working from home is the new norm, and autonomous vehicles are our future. It does not make economic sense to invest in an obsolete and dying system. Even post pandemic, Caltrain ridership will never be what it was.

Caltrain is facing a projected deficit of $18.5 million even after receipt of federal relief money. And just now, the board is seriously considering various corrective measures to balance the budget.

Their answer: They want to raise our taxes ... they never operate within their means ... with their steadily increasing salaries and fully paid pensions, they want more tax dollars.

You and I do not use Caltrain. The majority of Caltrain riders are the highest wage earners on the Peninsula, making six-figure salaries.

But they want “us” to subsidize their commute cost!

Caltrain needs to manage within their existing budget ... with a CEO’s salary two times larger than our governor ... where is their moral compass?

Just say no to more regressive taxes that only harm the average wage earner and our children.

Let those high-end riders, pay their own commute costs ... if they want this old dilapidated system.

Please join me in voting no on Measure RR

Jim Lawrence

Foster City

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John Baker

"Not an important part of our transportation system?" "Learn to live within its means?" The former is news to the 63,000 riders (pre-pandemic) -- I don't think the region could handle another 30,000 cars on 101, 280, and ECR. The latter is also ridiculous -- roads don't pay for themselves either. While more employees will work from home when this is done, it's not going to be a huge percentage. And the smoke from the recent wildfires shows we have to counter climate change NOW. The every 10-15 minute service that will come from this increased funding will allow Caltrain to cut fares, increase ridership, better the climate, and reduce traffic. Yes on RR!

Terence Y

Mr. Baker, Caltrain has raised fares at least 30 times (I stopped counting) and reduced their fares once in the last 40 years. Your argument that fares will be cut is a pipe dream. As for wildfires, maybe your climate change group can stop lightning strikes and arsonists from setting fires, along with gender reveal parties that start forest fires. Regarding roads not paying for themselves, they might, but those funds are continually raided to subsidize other wasteful pork projects. As Mr. Lawrence said, let the high-end riders pay a higher cost. No on RR.

Terence Y

Mr. Lawrence, I see Young Democrats are endorsing Measure RR, so you can count on me to vote No. Parents of Young Democrats - be prepared for your progeny to live with you for – ever, or set them on the right path by rejecting today's idiot Democrats. Or better yet, any additional taxes or hardships you face because of your Young Democrat, take it out of their allowance or their inheritance (give it to animal adoption and animal sanctuary groups - they'll love you forever, unlike your kids) so your kids understand money doesn't grow on trees.

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