It is amazing how members of the ruling class act in such a manner where the laws they themselves create appear to not apply to them. The members of the House of Representatives actually are supposed to work for the American people and pass laws that are meant to be followed by all Americans. 

The COVID-19 virus has burdened the American people in many ways as they do their best to follow the mandates of the federal and state governments. The requirement for many small businesses to shut down has created extreme financial hardship on the owners and employees of those businesses. 

One such business is a San Francisco hair salon, owned by a single mom with two children with no income, that was shut down due to the COVID-19 virus.

Yet the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, took it upon herself to wangle a way with a hair stylist, not the owner, in the shuttered San Francisco salon for a blow out hair styling. She is seen, via a security camera, walking into a room and across without a mask on national TV.

It was virtually a slap in the face to the owner who was following the shutdown order, as Pelosi ignored the COVID-19 rule putting the owner in a position to be fined for violating the order. Sadly, the American people are held to a standard of behavior that Speaker Pelosi obviously ignored. A classic example of hypocrisy by speaker Pelosi. 

Bernard Ames

San Carlos

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(13) comments


Clearly, way up there among Hillary's e-mails! Women!

Tommy Tee

Since we're talking about party leaders violating rules...


Christopher Conway

I thought we were talking about Nancy Pelosi?

Tommy Tee

We were until your wingman, Terence, decided to make a list. So talk to him. I only added one.


Pelosi acted on information provided by the hairdresser. Shouldn't she have known the rules? She's a rep from SF, for goodness sake.

Dirk van Ulden

Really, is anyone surprised?

Ray Fowler

C'mon, Cindy... Pointing to bad behavior by DJT does not justify bad behavior by NPP. Blaming others doesn't help, either.

Chris... cake and ice cream?

Terence Y

Mr. Ames, great letter highlighting just one of No-masky Pelosi’s hypocritical acts. Let’s see who vies for today’s trophy for the stupidest TDS-related comment. We already have Cindy-Lou in contention. I’m looking forward to the usual TDS-infected crowd throwing in their half-witted attacks on their great President Trump or their lame attempts to defend No-masky Pelosi.


No doubt about it Terence, your blathering drivel takes the cake today.

Terence Y

Let's add a few more hypocrites to the mix: Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney eating inside a restaurant while he banned indoor dining in his city; Fredo Cuomo who said he was in the basement but was visiting his home in the Hamptons; Democrat Mayor Bowser saying people must quarantine but yet allowed federal lawmakers to be exempt from her order. Chew on those for a while, Daffy Taffy Dave, and drink some coffee before you make another half-witted attempt at insulting people. That effort was as lame as your candidate, senile Biden.


Try looking in the mirror. The only one on here trying to insult people with childish nicknames is Terence. If you like your fantasy world, you can live in it. If you like the lies, you can believe them.

Cindy Cornell

You're talking about the old adage "Do As I Say, Not As I Do." No bigger more bloated example than our fearful leader, DJT.

Christopher Conway

When Nancy heard of the complaints coming from the common people, she was overheard saying, "Let them eat cake"

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