Oh, Matt Grocott: Why do you leave yourself wide open for criticism when you write sentences which are blatant untruths?

To wit, your July 20 column: No. 1: You called the Rush Limbaugh radio program “informative and entertaining.” Yes, many people laughed at the ridiculousness of his statements, so you could call that somewhat “entertaining.” But “informative” and Rush Limbaugh are not even in the same universe.

No. 2: Talking about Time Magazine, you said, “When I realized they were trying to tell me what to think rather than report the news, I canceled my subscription.” Apparently you believe this, so would it be possible to give one or two concrete examples? How can you make such statements without any proof to back them up? I read Time Magazine because it provides a thorough study of a topic — frequently with several opinions and always one the polar opposite of the other.

It’s fine that you then choose to laud a number of highly conservative sites, but it might be good to label them as such. I somehow got subscribed to “The Epoch Times,” one of the most conservative of all websites. It took me several tries before I was finally able to unsubscribe from it. Even though I unsubscribed “to all” on its site, the daily download of radical writings kept showing up.

Joanne Engelhardt

Redwood City

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Matt Grocott

Joanne, I was a much younger man when I cancelled my subscription to TIME. It may have been 1987 or thereabouts so, sorry, I didn't keep any editions for which to provide an example for you and our readers.


Thanks for telling me about the EPOC Times. I was surprised it had stories I didn't find anywhere else. Among them was a court tossing out a lawsuit brought by black farmers seeking reparations, ruling it was discriminatory.

Terence Y

Ms. Engelhardt – assuming Time magazine truly provides a thorough study of a topic, including opposite views I applaud you for reading Time. Unfortunately, that’s not true of lamestream media sources that publish known fake news and lies. Perhaps a reason for you to read the Epoch Times is to receive information that is the polar opposite of what you may believe. After all, if you already write these sources off as radical writings, what do you think people on the polar opposite of your views think of your usual reading material, or of your biased opinion?

Tommy Tee

Excellent letter, Joanne!

Ray Fowler

Hello, Joanne

I did not listen to Rush, but a lot of people did find his broadcasts informative and entertaining. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, maybe information is too. Rush and other conservative commentators have opined about the things like the CCP and the party's locking up the Uyghur people, suppressing religion, and slave labor in China. Oh, and let's not forget the CCP's role in the pandemic. How is this not information?

Time magazine leans left and Matt leans decidedly right. That could be the reason he no longer reads it. Maybe. Now, the Epoch Times also leans right... maybe that's the reason you have no interest in reading that publication.

Yes, Matt's column did invite a reaction from persons who disagree with his political point of view... maybe that was the purpose.

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