Caltrain has made a terrible mistake. It has not increased bikes-on-board capacity on electric trains, but have cut it. Significantly. And that hurts all train passengers.

The bike-car configuration for electric trains simply cannot work. And the hostility toward bikes on board and the push to move folks to dropping their bikes off on one end and taking bike/scooter share is similarly doomed to fail. In time, when the current proposal is implemented and comes crashing down, Caltrain will be forced to change things. At greater expense. And with diminished functionality, with cars originally built for the wrong configuration.

This screw up will impact Caltrain for years, as they deal with the natural outcomes. Why Caltrain won't listen to experienced cycle commuters compared to folks who have pie in the sky theories about cycle commuting is a mystery.

We, the entire public transit community, have been harmed by Caltrain’s decision.

Giuliano Carlini


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