The fact is that CO2 is “following” the up and downs of the Earth temperature cycles, it is not the cause of the temperature variations. Hint ... look at the sun cycles for that. 

For years now, those with an agenda have gotten drunk on getting a legal power grab to try and create a world power of bureaucrats that could change the course of our society with the flick of a signature at some United Nations department. As we all know, they have done extremely well instilling fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) all around the world and have many other salivating to participate in this legal corruption to redistribute wealth. Remember, the U.N. publicly stated that their climate warming activities and policies have very little to do with our climate. 

Now, people are waking up and real scientists are coming together to put a stop to this madness. Last month, at the U.N.’s Global Climate Summit, The European Climate Declaration, spearheaded by the Amsterdam-based Climate Intelligence Foundation [CLINTEL], described the leading climate models as “unfit” and urged U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to pursue a climate policy based on “sound science.”  

Perhaps, editor, it is time for the media, the education system, the government (EPA and others) and organizations that are spreading the FUD, to turn down the rhetoric. We seem to have some time to make the policy corrections that are desperately needed. Increased CO2 is a good thing for us humans and our world is “greening” on its own already. Let’s not mess with Mother Nature.

Harry Roussard

Foster City

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