In the Nov. 20 Daily Journal, a letter by Jorg Aadahl mentioned the Dunning-Kruger effect. With no reaction to anything printed in the Journal, Aadahl goes on to lambast Republicans, equating their views as 2+2=5.

This is a familiar trope among leftists, to call all Republicans “stupid,” and citing hocus-pocus theories to explain why we are dimwits. A Facebook friend cites peer-reviewed studies that say FOX viewers know less than viewers who watch nothing at all, and states that the root of all evil is conservatism. How religious of him. Leftists also claim that having advanced degrees somehow makes a person more honest, more forthright, and more trustworthy as compared to the rural hick yokel. I won’t go into why that is fallacious except to point out that wisdom often comes from unexpected places.

Always asserting that we are stupider than Democrats and wrong in everything is gaslighting. What’s more, sincere proponents of this assertion tend to be the kind of over-educated and self-righteous “intellectual” one finds in the Twitter mob, attacking people for their political affiliation regardless of their target’s motivation or reasoning. Like Aadahl, they are trolls! They lack the self-examination that comes with humility; people with more life experience will know what I’m talking about. Being around people in the working world away from academia teaches you humility.

I would observe that it isn’t so clear as 2+2 that my side is ignorant, bigoted, racist or any of the other improprieties attributed to us. I would liken the leftist reaction to our politics with the reaction of a child who is corrected by their parents. It’s not unfair. Massive government spending does lead to inflation! Rittenhouse was fairly tried and found not guilty. Parents who love their children and object to CRT are not terrorists.

Just my humble opinion.

James Constantino 

Daly City

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my friend grandma crossing beach Paek was hit by a car I wen to the citu councxio meeting asking for a crosswalk and was told stupid is as stupid does. wefinally got a flashing light beach Park and Port Royal thanks to anither councilmember. this same council member then was appointed to the planning commission as experienced in her eyes. Truth be told I won't ever attend another council meeting thanks to "Stupid is as stupid does..as he continues to be the truth of his own conduct.

Mike O.

Mr. Constantino's LTE titled 'Stupid is as stupid does' is a prime example of exactly what Jorg Aadahl is talking about in his LTE about the Dunning-Kruger effect. First, Mr. Constantino uses a 'Third-grade level insult' toward Jorg, "Stupid is as stupid does", kind of like, "I know you are, but, what am I?", then, he further tries to insult Jorg by insinuating that all 'academics' are shut-ins and not 'worldly educated'. Constantino does not know anything about Jorg, his family and his life. This is the definition of ignorance. Speak before you know what you are talking about. You guys on the (far) right do this stuff to yourselves. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Terence Y

Mike O. Please be serious and stop being a Jorg/Democrat playbook “parrot” and repeating every untrue story they say. The lamestream media are all left-wing Dem supporters, all for profits, and no brains or ethics to tell the truth. BTW, Mr. Constantino is implying leftie “academics” not all “academics.” That fact destroys your attempted criticism of Mr. Constantino. You folks on the (far) left do this stuff to yourselves. Read, comprehend, and do your homework before you submit a comment.

Terence Y

Ray - Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you're enjoying it with friends and family. Diet starts on Monday.

Ray Fowler

Thanks, Terence

Same to you... please enjoy family and friends (regardless of what Dr. Fauci says), great food, an adult beverage or two, and a little football... but we should give pause to reflect on how blessed we truly are... this is a great country and things can get better with all of us pulling together.

Terence Y

Thanks, Ray. Completed your checklist and a bit more this weekend with family, friends, and even strangers. I hope you were able to do the same. Let’s hope things get better and people decide to make an effort to unite instead of continuing to divide. Unfortunately, based on recent LTE’s and comments, it appears to be a Sisyphean task. On many fronts. Fortunately, there are still many striving for truth, justice and the American way.

Ray Fowler

Thanks, Terence

I went to the Stanford game yesterday with my son. Notre Dame dominated the Cardinal but I feel sorry for the Irish. They will get beat soundly if they make the BCS playoffs in January by whatever SEC team they face.

I saw your response to Michael O. He's another leftist I plan to avoid. Those guys just refuse to come into the here and now. I hear a lot of non sequiturs and crickets from them. No meaningful commentary on the Afghanistan fiasco, the border crisis, rising inflation and a host of administration gaffes. They keep looking backwards.

In Chicago alone, for 2021, we will witness about 4500 people being shot and nearly 800 of them will die as a result. During that time, Chicago police will have shot and killed perhaps 8 persons. The progressives' solution? Defund the police and gun control. Two very short quotes by Thomas Sowell come to mind. First, "Facts are not liberals' strong suit. Rhetoric is." And secondly, "Talkers are usually more articulate than doers, since talk is their specialty."

For all the talk, we hear no explanation from our resident lefties for Joe and Kamala's sinking poll ratings and why a growing number of Democrats don't want Joe to run in 2024 or Kamala to run ever. .

In my view, some... not all... of those on the left side of the aisle are so disturbed by their fear and/or hatred of conservative ideology that both their thinking ability and emotional balance have been negatively affected. Kinda sad...

Terence Y

Hi Ray, yes, much to avoid from Jorg and Mike O and a few other rabid lefties. Fortunately, I’m always happy to spend a minute or two easily refuting their fake news and lies and addressing their jibber-jabber. I can’t think of a better public service while I’m in Zoom meetings.

Speaking of inflation, have you seen the new rates on Series I Savings Bonds? 7.12%. If you have an extra $10k lying around, you may want to max out. There are redemption restrictions and some potential penalties, but they’re still much better than any CD or savings rates.

As for defunding the police and gun control, we don’t need to look to Chicago. In the past few days, a guard was killed while providing security for a TV news crew (covering smash-and-grab thefts) because thieves wanted to steal their TV cameras. We have thieves robbing a woman on a stroll of the Berkeley waterfront. We have smash-and-grab thefts of Target, Apple, Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, and so on. We’ve had CVS and Walgreens and even Target closing stores or reducing hours. I can’t recall if the Bay Area is trying to impose a silly jab mandate for cops, but if so, count on even less cops on the street. People need to, if they haven’t already, begin taking steps to protect themselves and their businesses, especially in Democrat-controlled areas. For whatever reason, these rising crime statistics don’t seem to be affecting Republican-controlled cities. If it did, you can be sure we’d hear about it from the left-leaning media.

Ray Fowler

It was only four months ago that Barbara Boxer, 80, was attacked by a street thug in Jack London Square. He took her phone then ran to a waiting car. This robbery occurred shortly after the Oakland City Council decided to cut OPD's budget by 18 million dollars. Gosh... daylight robberies in a Democratic Party controlled city... imagine that.


A few observations. Everyone is in the middle of the road. No political party has a monopoly on stupid. We are all children of our Father in Heaven.

Terence Y

Mr. Constantino – thank you for an astute and common sense observation. Something our friends on the rabid left appear to be lacking. I’ll repeat my observation of the JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nonconstructive Claptrap) effect. Characterized by someone with such a severe case of sophomania that they’re incapable of recognizing it, although most everyone else does. Ones with this ailment tend to paint themselves into corners and then try to scurry every which way when questions are asked of them. Their only defense is personal attacks and continual (and laughable) avoidance. Readers can read comments from the effect’s named honoree below and judge for themselves. Another indication is the generous use of exclamation marks scattered throughout their posts. Uh-oh, I may need to modify that – hyphens seem to be the punctuation mark du jour.


Terence: Y do I have to educate you? Well, as a favor for good times’ sake, here’s Miss Google:

Ad hominem: (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining. This fallacy occurs when, instead of addressing someone's argument or position, you irrelevantly attack the person or some aspect of the person who is making the argument.

What is another word for ad hominem? dirty tricks; hatchet job; muckraking; mudslinging; name-calling; personal attack; slanderous attack; smear; smear campaign.

In other words: specifically directed to a named person, not to a group of individuals! Get it?

Terence Y

Jorg – if I need to learn how to overuse exclamation points or continually avoid easy questions or scurry away from conversations, I’ll ask for your advice. Anything else and we both know you aren’t qualified to provide much of an education, to anyone. But thanks for giving our dear readers another example of the JUNC (Jorg’s Unrelated Nuisance Carping) effect. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to have appetizers in the garage while guests take their rapid COVID tests.



For someone that that is always complaining about people using personal attacks rather than staying on the topic, you certainly are good at it. I guess you haven't found your mirror yet. BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers? BTW again, have a nice Thanksgiving!


Terence: Y don’t you simply admit that you don’t understand the vast implications of what President Biden has been able to accomplish, despite compact Republican obstruction, instead of making not so smart comments that make you sound kind of totally out of it? It is better to admit that you don’t understand something, than making remarks that expose your ignorance. You could learn a lot by following reputable news media and reading books about current events.

You may believe that your snide remarks are very clever and funny, but they do not add anything of substance to the exchanges on this site.

Terence Y

Jorg, what I will admit, as you also should, is that you and your fellow rabid left-wingies don’t understand the vast, or any, implications of what Biden has accomplished. Evidenced by the fact none of you have been able to list a single treasonous Biden accomplishment among your hundreds of comments. And sorry, dubious accomplishments don’t count. Thanks again for continuing to validate for readers the JUNC (Jorg’s Unintelligent Niggling Conniption) effect. As for adding anything of substance, have you read your letters and comments before submitting? You’ll find most (if not all) are not worth the screen space they’re written on. BTW, why does Ray get 5 exclamation points but I only get 1? I’m a bit jealous.


TY: If this video doesn’t make you understand how intellectually challenged Trump is, there is nothing I can do to educate you about the real presidents before and after him:


If you don’t want to understand something, you simply won’t get it!

Terence Y

How much JUNC (Jorg’s Unending Non-responsive Cowardice) do we see? Sophomania – check; personal attacks – check; continual avoidance – check; exclamation points – check (I'm honored with another one!).

Jorg, regarding your spliced sound bite… you freely admit “… there is nothing I can do to educate…” I guess that means everyone would learn more from a rock than they'd ever learn from you. There's your lesson on selectively editing. Get it? You’re welcome. BTW, since you have no bumbling Biden accomplishments, let me help you out… Biden banning travel – racist and xenophobic. Biden leaving the southern border open to invaders – lawlessness. More folks dying of COVID under Biden – incompetence from having no plan? Rising inflation – America Last policies. Your turn. Or should we expect more JUNC (Jorg’s Umpteenth Nonsense Claptrap)?

Ray Fowler

Good morning, James

You make a good point about how some... not all... on the left side of the aisle equate intelligence with college degrees hanging on walls. For the most part, those degrees are conferred after studying under instructors with a decidedly left wing bias. It's an echo chamber.

When lefties denigrate conservatives for being "uneducated," those lefties fail to recognize the School of Hard Knocks. Persons of all political stripes who did not have the opportunity to attend college can still get an education... an education that could prove more useful than the vaunted sheepskins handed out every June.

That nontraditional coursework may include mastering a skill in the trades then hanging out a shingle that says "Open for Business." Along the way, that "uneducated" person has learned they are accountable for their own actions, how to work with suppliers, vendors, and of course the public, and how to lead and manage a staff. They have probably the best education in how someone can create a plan for success then put that plan into action. Those unwashed and uneducated persons are accomplishing these things while wading through a myriad of regulations and legalities that sometimes seem to frustrate anyone trying to be successful. And a lot of those who are uneducated in the eyes of the trolls mentioned in your LTE are struggling to meet their goals while raising a family. This is an education not available in colleges and universities.

So when that "uneducated" demographic votes in November, they know exactly who they are voting for and why.

One other aspect of the lefties' criticism of uneducated voters... the lefties never seem to chastise blue state voters who have not been awarded a college degree, and are therefore by the lefties' definition "uneducated." That should surprise no one...


Ray: Don’t keep twisting things around! We are neither talking about math, nor plasma physics, but plain, old fashioned common sense, - which according to George Carlin isn’t so common Just read my comment below, and let me know if there is something you don’t understand.

Ray Fowler


A lot of educated people know that Voltaire said, “Le sens commun n’est pas si commun," a couple of hundred years before George Carlin said the same thing in English.

With respect to your comment below... I have responded in the past to the same harangue you have posted too many times in the past to count. Even though you have substituted “intellectually challenged” for “uneducated,” there will be no rebuttal today.

In the comments section following your LTE published last Saturday, I wrote to Terence, "I have decided to avoid engaging a couple of lefties who appear regularly in these pages," You are one of the lefties I intend to avoid. If you’re curious, you can check my remarks following your LTE for the reasons I am choosing to avoid a couple of DJ lefties.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Thanksgiving tomorrow with close friends and relatives. Good-bye.


Ray: Wrong again! I’m not a leftist, have never been! I’m more like a moderate in the middle, - if anything, somewhat on the conservative side. But, for the fun of it, - what do you base your classification on?

Ray Fowler

Jorg... Ha det.


Ray: Are you waiting for me to pardon your French, before you reveal why you classify me as a “leftist”? How do you define a “leftist” vs. a “rightwinger”, or is anyone against Trump a “leftie”, in your mind? And to be nice before Thanksgiving, I won’t hang you out for your misuse of “Ha det!” Nice try, though!


Thank you for such an insightful LTE! I’m not ashamed of admitting that I have learned far more outside academia than inside, - actually enough to realize that one has to be quite intellectually challenged to keep believing a habitual liar, - especially one who keeps claiming to have won an election in a landslide, - if it weren’t for widespread voter fraud, proven to be non-existing! If that isn’t the epitome of naivety, I don’t know what is. I could write a book with additional examples, - if it weren’t for the fact that many already have. Have you read any of them, - just to educate yourself? If not, why?

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