Hmm, where to begin in response to recent letters? First came “The Electoral College thwarts leftism” on July 15. The writer espouses his fondness for the Electoral College, which “is the last bastion against out-of-control leftism.” Perhaps he’s been too busy to realize that it’s rightism that’s out of control lately, and that the Electoral College is actually a bastion against democracy, overturning the popular vote in multiple recent presidential elections.

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The Electoral College was placed in the Constitutions to prevent a few states from dominating our country. Without it we’d be known as the “United Socialist of California and New York”.

Brian Wright

Sounds good to me... : ) But why should people in smaller states get a larger voice? Why not simply the will of the majority?

Terence Y

Mr. Wright – two suggestions… One, take a class in American Government to learn about the Electoral College (you may not agree, but you can try to enact change); two, read about breakthrough COVID cases, which would not happen with an actual vaccine, and about mask pore size. BTW, if masks are so effective, why do we have so-called Dem leaders who institute mask mandates unto others (a la Biden, Newsom, Pelosi, Garcetti, and Breed, to name a few) but who eschew masks themselves?

Brian Wright

If enough people had been vaccinated as soon as vaccines were available, we would not be in the situation we're in now, where COVID was allowed to continue circulating and evolving into increasingly virulent variants. Even as it is, the vaccines have been very effective at preventing more serious illness, hospitalizations, and deaths. The death rate is far below what it was before vaccines. And I didn't mention masks, but the ill-advised actions of a few politicians do not logically imply that masks are ineffective. High quality N95 or surgical masks have been proven to be effective. COVID is a very menacing virus (or set of viruses). Nothing works anywhere near 100% against it by now, with all the variants, but vaccines and masks diminish the risk. Too bad many people don't take advantage of those resources.

Dirk van Ulden

Mr. Wright - first of all we are Republic not a Democracy. And, how many times have the courts overturned the will of the people even though the majority voted for the now-nullified laws? As a typical liberal, when things do not go your way, you blame it on the system that should be kicked overboard. Thanks for reaffirming that you shouldn't get to write the rules.

Brian Wright

A republic is a state in which power is held by the people and their elected representatives. But it can be argued that the Electoral College directly interferes with the will of the people. I don't really see the point of it. The courts are another matter. I'll save that for another day.

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