Hanna Arendt escaped Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Here are two more quotes from her 1967 book, “The Origins of Totalitarianism,” which are certainly relevant in today’s political climate.

The attraction of evil and crime for the mob mentality is nothing new. It has always been true that the mob will greet “deeds of violence with the admiring remark: it may be mean but it is very clever.”

[The Nazis] “were convinced that evil-doing in our time has a morbid force of attraction, [and] experience has proved time and again that the propaganda value of evil deeds and general contempt for moral standards is independent of mere self-interest, supposedly the most powerful psychological factor in politics.”

Kent Lauder


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Terence Y

Well written, Mr. Lauder. Unfortunately, platforms of the Nazi party are now taking root in the form of the Democrat Party, who also happened to be the party of slavery and the KKK.


Congratulations Terence, you are learning. Happened is the past tense of happen and yes, the Dems were the party of slavery until the civil rights act and then they became the Republicans.

Terence Y

Taffy, so you’re now admitting the Dems still are, and not was, the party of slavery? Thanks for that clarification. BTW, I knew I’d draw out your Republican to Democrat party switcheroo nonsense. As I said in the past, your hoax was discussed in a class and everyone started checking to see if one leg was longer than the other.


Just another example of how easily you are fished in.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Good morning my good friend,

Tafhdyd, It looks like you had a chance for a good night's sleep. At least that is my hunch. You might find the articles linked below interesting. Because The Guardian is considered liberal, I assume they fact check before printing.





Good to hear from you. As for the sleep I won't say a lot better but probably a little. I have seen similar info on the vote shift in the different demographics and to tell you the truth I have no idea why they would go that way, except for maybe the Florida area.

As for the Civil Rights Act info, I will give you a link that I referred to some time back which I think basically says the same thing. Unless I am reading things wrong I have been saying that the old Democratic south were the segregationists and they switched to the Republican party in the sixties.

I am sure you have sources for what are liberal and conservative sources in the media but I will give you one you may or may not have. It is www.allsides.com

The other I mentioned above is…https://www.history.com/news/how-the-party-of-lincoln-won-over-the-once-democratic-south

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


I now understand your rationale and agree with your logic on that basis. Good catch on your part. Thanks buddy.


Hello again Wilfred,

Thumbs up! BTW, anything new on your tasting schedule?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

good evening Tafhdyd,

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit among refined gentleman such as yourself but at the rate I drink, it will be a year before I will finish the .750ml bottle I purchased. I only recently started enjoying fine liquors. Beer and pot was all I had as a teen and I never had time eat or drink during my work years. Oh, and I had to decide self control was essential in order not to overindulged. ;-) Maybe I'll have a variety to enjoy some time in the future. But if you and Ray ever come up, just send me your list. It will be here upon your arrival.



I understand and will say that moderation is definitely the key to survival. Several years ago I would have a nip when I got home and then a couple while fixing dinner and a glass or two of wine with dinner. Without noticing it became an easy habit. After blood work on a physical the Dr. asked if I was drinking a lot lately, liver counts were high. A regular wake up call. Things have been fine ever since with moderation.

Like I suggested a week or two ago, I like to try a sample of something at a restaurant or lounge without buying a whole bottle. I also like to get the little bottle gift packs at the holiday time to try new stuff. I am not sure what is up your way but most of the liquor stores around here have a decent selection of the one serving minis that offer a opportunity try a few things. BTW, you are are ahead of me. Pot is one thing I have never had and probably never will. Take care.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


You helped me remember the liquor store gent recommended and I purchased a bottle of Buffalo Trace. I just tried it and can say I like it. It's very smooth and tasty. But not as tasty as the Lagavulin.

Patrick Henry

I agree Kent, I am so glad my forefathers fought NAZIism and Fascism for America in the 1st and 2nd World Wars on the European continent. My family has a lot of pride in making sure Hitler or any other fascist leader never took root in Europe as well as the freeing of many Jews who were held in concentration camps. Europe owes America a great debt for their existence today. I don't see that coming out of the EU though these days, maybe they should read Kent's letter.

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