I am a resident of San Mateo County and a parent of two elementary-aged kids. I support Proposition 15 because schools in California are severely underfunded. We are ranked 41st in the nation in per-student funding, with the largest class sizes. It’s unacceptable that a child attending a school in Woodside gets $19,000 more in funding than a child attending in Millbrae.

Locally, K-12 schools and community colleges will receive $42 million every year. Basic aid districts will receive at least $100/student with no decrease in funding. Cities and special districts like fire districts will receive $194 million every year, especially important when we are living in times of unprecedented wildfires and bad air quality.

A report has shown that just 10% of wealthy landowners, like Disney and Chevron, will fund 92% of the $12 billion per year from Proposition 15. Residential property taxes will not be affected by Proposition 15.

Proposition 15 is also endorsed by the California Firefighters Association, California Nurses Association, California Teachers Association, California PTA, and many more. It is time we closed the loopholes exploited by wealthy corporations and reclaim funding for our cities and schools. Vote yes on 15.

Lesley Tay-Chung


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Dirk van Ulden

Leslie - there is no such a thing as a loophole. The proponents use it to insinuate that we are being cheated. It is a provision of Prop 13 that we voted for, simple as that.


Prop 15 is the first step in dismantling Prop 13.


The CTA is for it. That's a good reason to vote it down. The anti-choice CTA has a monopoly on where we spend education funds.


Where pray tell is the lottery funding that supposedly was to fund our schools? More than likely none in the virtual world where Prop 15 is supposedly to pay for ? Give me lottery funding facts first before I support any Proposition more than likely headed ato eliminate prop 13. I'll believe it when I see it still searching for lottery funding we passed for schools in the past. How quickly we dismiss and forget I am a NOt me!

Terence Y

And where, pray tell, do you think these supposed “wealthy landowners” will get the money to pay for Prop 15? Money doesn’t grow on trees so obviously, people buying Disney products, people buying gasoline, people paying rent, etc. will be paying for Prop 15. And who are those people? Pretty much everyone. And of course those unions are endorsing Prop 15 – everyone knows it’s not for the kids, it’s for their pensions and benefits. They need to keep that gravy train rolling for as long as possible.

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