Michael Oberg’s wordy lesson to me in American civics is long on personal criticism, but shallow on analysis. His frequent references to “a majority of Americans” give him away (“Constitutional rights” in the July 29 edition of the Daily Journal).

Anyone who relies on statistics instead of logic reveals a shallow understanding of how the world really works. Oberg also can’t speak from the perspective of an immigrant, as I can, because he likely isn’t one. 

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar received her comeuppance when Congress (representing a majority of Americans) rejected her legal attempt to dignify Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, or BDS, and instead, by 398-17, passed another resolution condemning it. Oberg didn’t get the message possibly because he’s still fighting the 2016 elections. Hopefully Omar did.

I’m glad Oberg finally spoke his mind after getting multiple kinks in his neck from reading my letters. But he really needs to watch more Fox News because that’s what a majority of Americans do. In January of 2019, Fox News celebrated 17 straight years as America’s most watched news program. It may not be news or even factual, but it’s more entertaining than the alternatives. 

Desmond Tuck

San Mateo

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