As if we don’t have enough problems already, Republicans’ only focus seems to be to create more.

They faithfully followed Mitch McConnell as the ringleader, who at the inauguration of both Democratic presidents Obama and Biden, declared that their main objective was to prevent them from getting anything done. Anything, no matter whether they used to be in favor, or not, and regardless of how it might affect the country.

And now, they have the gall to refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and thus refuse to pay the outstanding bills that their last two administrations were mainly responsible for! Democrats always supported Republicans when the debt ceiling had to be raised when they were in charge, including the three under Trump. And what audacity to use the debt ceiling, an anomaly that was only cooked up in 1917 to make it possible for President Wilson to let the United States enter World War I. It should have been abandoned shortly afterwards, as having no meaningful purpose.

Don’t we really have enough problems, without inventing additional ones? Or is what we witness, the last frantic convulsions of a party that has long since outlived itself, desperately trying to prolong life support by denying certain voters their constitutional rights?

What better example we would set for the world by working together, like some more progressive nations already do? Just a thought from an incurable patriot.

Jorg Aadahl

San Mateo

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Incurable patriot! Me too!!!

Terence Y

Hey Jorg, you’re right about one thing… we do have enough problems… Global embarrassment due to treasonous Biden’s disastrous abandonment of Americans behind enemy lines as well as giving aid and comfort to the Taliban. The releasing of non-Americans and non-vaccinated folks into the American wild, reintroducing measles to quite a few communities, too. Boondoggle spending committed by the Democrats. The America Last policies from bumbling Biden. To name just a few... Maybe you should have led off with a Biden accomplishment. Oh that’s right - there aren’t any, on this planet or your flat earth! Just a few thoughts from an incurable American patriot.


Democrats politicians want to raise the debt ceiling to pay for $6 trillion of entitlement spending to buy votes. They know that even taxing the rich 100% wouldn’t pay for it. They know the money to pay for this has to be borrowed. Raising taxes on companies will just be passed through in higher prices and inflation. If Democrats succeed, we’ll have lower economic growth because government spending doesn’t produce economic growth, jobs and incomes. Only the private can do this. Democrats fail to understand that we are a nation of hard working immigrants and will never become a one party European welfare state run by Democrats. There is no free lunch.


Ed: And you fail to understand what the debt ceiling does, or doesn't do. Read what I wrote, perhaps you’ll get it. And, which “one party European welfare state run by Democrats” do you refer to?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jorg

In your LTE, you wrote, "What better example we would set for the world by working together, like some more progressive nations already do?" Which "progressive nations" do you refer to?


Ray: The Scandinavian countries, for example.

Ray Fowler

Thanks, Jorg

I'm not trying to whack the hornet's nest.. I was just curious about what countries you were referring to. Wow... those countries do enjoy some success that others may want to adapt to their own situation. Any specific program in a particular country that you think may work here?


Ray: No particular program per se that I can refer to. It is more a culture where cooperation, honesty and helpfulness are held in high esteem, and where being “good for goodness sake” is more important than for any “godly sake”. For me, it is also a special feeling since I know the countries, speak several of their languages, read regularly their newspapers on-line, and having been born, raised and educated in one of the countries. I also maintain close contacts with numerous friends and old classmates, in addition to family members in two of the countries.

Ray Fowler

Yes, a wonderful region of the world. Did you ever watch the Netflix series, "Lilyhammer," starring Steven Van Zandt? An American... out of place... bumps into Norwegian culture with humorous results... but I digress.

Can the Scandinavian experience re: government debt find some applicability here? I don't want to dismiss that Idea simply because we're comparing countries in Europe to the US. It should not be an apples to oranges comparison... maybe it's more like holding up a Granny Smith to a Golden Delicious... perhaps some of our economists out there can offer some insight.

Painting with some broad strokes... the debt to GDP ratio for Scandinavia follows: Denmark 42%, Finland 55%, Iceland 83%, Norway 42%, and Sweden 40%. The US? 133%. Given those numbers, does it make sense for our Congress to consider the president's 3.5 trillion dollar spending plan?


Ray: I don’t pretend to have a solution. Besides the size differences, there are enormous dissimilarities between the Scandinavian countries and the USA, not the least educationally. By and large, people aren’t as easily fooled, and what some politicians here manage to say publicly, would have them laughed out of town “over there”. I don’t know a single person who takes Trump seriously, while religion plays a very small, insignificant role in politics and education, and none in science, which people believe in. But, back to my original point: a lot would be gained if at least the two sides could work together, which I have to say the Democrats try, but which the Republicans flatly refuse, as a declared policy! How can they get away with it, unless they ride on a constituency that is easily fooled?

Ray Fowler


You raised a good point in your LTE re: the debt ceiling. Addressing that issue and other economic concerns like the debt to GDP ratio will require an effort by both parties. However, it's unlikely we will see support for Joe's 3.5 trillion dollar progressive spending plan from the right side of the aisle... Joe cannot even get everyone on the left side of the aisle to support the plan. Democratic Party legislators publicly disapproving of Joe's plan cannot be blamed on Republicans.

If liberals resort to labeling persons who don't support Joe's plan as "easily fooled," it'll be very challenging to achieve the bipartisan effort you believe is necessary to move forward. For Democrats to get support from conservatives, they might want to consider an observation made by Benjamin Franklin's in his 1744 publication, Poor Richard's Almanack... “Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.”


Ray: “Easily fooled” were my words, not what congressional Democrats would utter, regardless how much they may think so. After all, they are politicians. They have by and large treated their Republican colleagues with curtesy, which I cannot say about their opponents.

Ray Fowler

Are we talking about the same Democratic Party leaders in Washington who invoked comparisons to slavery by falsely accusing the Border Patrol of using whips on Haitians entering the US without documentation? Racial slurs against an African-American senator? Basket of deplorables?

Ray Fowler

Oops! I almost forgot...

Democrats labeling Republicans as fascists or Nazis is a very familiar left of the aisle rhetorical device, and let's not forget... everyone on the right is a racist... just ask Maxine Waters.

Do you remember...

Bill Clinton remarked to Ted Kennedy, “A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would have been getting us coffee.” And how 'bout what ol' Harry Reid said about Barack? The senator from Nevada said candidate Obama could succeed because he was a “light-skinned” black “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

OK, Jorg... who's the racist?


Ray: So, what’s your point? You mean to suggest there is no racism in this country? You must be living a very secluded life. Even I, 100% Nordic white, has been the subject of racism, - because I was taken for at least half black due to my deep, dark suntan. You can’t imagine what a certain right-wing idiot “knew” about someone like me, - besides making a death threat, - if he just knew which dump I lived in!

Ray Fowler


Um... who said there is no racism in America? You and I don't agree on a lot, but I'm 100% confident we both stand against racism wherever it raises its ugly head. However, your party's leader in the WH claims our country is systemically racist... that is just false. However, when a black senator says it's false, he is met with racial slurs from... wait for it... the left.

You wrote in this thread, "They have by and large treated their Republican colleagues with curtesy [sic], which I cannot say about their opponents." What the what?! That's just not true. Back to the point on racism... the left's mantra, "people on the right are racist," is really wearing thin. Again, how do reconcile Bill Clinton and Harry Reid disparaging Barack Obama because of Barack's race. The the left routinely accuses their opponents of being racist, but after reading the words of a former Democratic Party president and a siting Democratic Party senate leader, the question is... who's really the racist?

Here's what a lot of DJ readers don't know. You and I occasionally share some correspondence outside this forum. In one of those exchanges, you firmly stated to me your belief that "Republicanism" is a threat to the country. That's OK... that's your point of view. But let's come full circle to the original point of your LTE... the debt ceiling. You criticize Republicans for not joining Democrats in raising the debt ceiling. Whoa! Who controls the WH and Congress? The Democratic Party. So, why is this an issue? If one party controls the executive and legislative branches, it should be a done deal. But guess what? There are Democrats who won't go along with Nancy's plan. You did not answer my earlier question... how can you, Jorg, blame Republicans for not agreeing to raise the debt ceiling when not all Democrats are willing to do so? Here's a sure thing... if the Dem leadership cannot get the ceiling raised and the government shuts down, Nancy will blame Republicans... even though her party holds the edge in Congress. Here's another sure thing... the Dems who do not do Nancy's bidding and vote to raise the ceiling will still get their paychecks when the government shuts down. Check out Article I, Section 6 on the Constitution...


Ray: The only comment I have, is that you seem to have misunderstood Bill Clinton and Harry Reid’s comments about Obama! Quite the opposite, and no racial slur meant against Obama at all!

Ray Fowler

If that's true, then why did apologies follow?


Ray: OK, so you insist there is still racism then, - and not only on the part of Republicans?!

Ray Fowler


Your letter initially criticizes Republicans for not going along with raising the debt ceiling, but then it ignores the fact a key number of Democrats decided to vote against raising the debt ceiling. What happened? The ceiling is raised with the support of a key number of Republican votes. Your premise and suggestion that Republicans will not work in a bipartisan way on this issue just collapses.

You also suggested that the US might follow the example of some progressive Scandinavian countries with respect to government debt management, but neglected to follow through with explaining how the US could apply the strategies used in those European countries. In the end, you stated that you do not pretend to have a solution... thanks for your honesty.

Then it's back to your loathing of all things Republican. According to you, Democrats are courteous and respectful of their colleagues across the aisle. Then why was a Republican senator smeared with racial slurs? Why did Democratic Party leadership falsely accuse Border Patrol agents of racism? Why does the leader of your party insist that the US is systemically racist? Crickets...

So, Democrats claim that all things are racist... yet when we examine the words about Barack Obama from a former Democrat president and a sitting Democrat senator... they are the ones promoting racism. Your explanation? They didn't mean to be racist.

Remember last fall when the leader of the Democratic Party said "you ain't Black" if you vote for Trump? Clearly... Democrats suggesting that racism is found only on the right side of the aisle is intellectually dishonest. Wherever we find racism, it should be eradicated.

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