In a Aug. 29 Daily Journal article, Vice Mayor Herb Perez had an opportunity to offer some contriteness and/or humility or maybe even a shred of understanding as to why so many citizens are so passionate to have him recalled. Instead he admitted to being mean to some people because in his opinion “that’s what they deserve and that is what they are entitled to,” illustrating his arrogance, pompousness and threatening behavior.

They say that power changes a person but it really just unmasks who they really are. Foster City residents want an ethical political culture and seek to stop the verbal harassment, intimidation and controlling rhetoric. Foster City deserves better which is why it’s time to say enough is enough and sign the petition to allow residents to vote yes or no to the recall.

Mr. Perez must realize that he has brought this recall effort upon himself by his egregious public behavior. He should understand, that residents will never compromise the principles and standards they expect as to ethical and respectful leadership. They are tired of the bullying and intimidation. His disdain for residents cannot be brushed off as just his style of leadership.

Evidence leading to the validation for this recall action is based on public records, public meeting videos and personal encounters with Mr. Perez. I urge you to look at those public records that substantiate the issues being raised. Don’t be confused by this back and forth political game of words. There is much misinformation being circulated in an attempt to invalidate the recall process. The public information on record speaks clearly to the facts and evidence.

Check the website: FC-Watchdog.com.

Linda Koelling

Foster City

The letter writer is the former mayor of Foster City.

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