One aspect Mr. Grocott neglects to mention in his May 25 column “Doubting Darwin” on evolution is the fact that God has also evolved over time. Human morality has thus changed based on the religions humans have adopted. Human beings have always been the arbiters of morality, following and adapting religious beliefs which best support their civilizations.

Here’s hoping for more religious evolution and a more moral future.

Steve Cady


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How about simply being good for goodness’ sake, and not for “God’s sake”, whatever that is interpreted to be? And, also ask sexually abusing Catholic priests where they got their “morality” from, and why their praying cult members still support them, despite what they have done?

Dirk van Ulden

Actually Jorg, there are bad apples in any organization. Catholics are catholic because of their faith, not because of the clergy. Since you mentioned it, there are significant rotten apples running the White House right now but that should not taint all Democrats, even you.


Correction, Dirk: I am not a Democrat! I'm as independent as they come.



Funny you should mention bad apples. The old saying the one bad apple spoils the bunch was never more true than Trump ruining a whole bushel of Republicans.

Terence Y

Actually, Mr. Cady, many human beings want you to follow and adapt religious beliefs which best support only their specific civilization. Not every country allows freedom of religion. So much for a more religious evolution and a more moral future.

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