The Federal Reserve is in uncharted waters. Blowout fiscal spending and money creation is going into boondoggle projects and welfare programs that discourage work. This spending is baked in because government programs don’t expire. Yet Democrat politicians are intent on using non-COVID spending to essentially buy votes for permanent Democrat majorities.

The Federal Reserve is under enormous Democrat political pressure to keep interest rates low to aid government borrowing and spending. Low interest rates have forced retired people and pension funds to take much higher risks on investments in a stock market that’s at all-time-high valuations. Meanwhile, inflation’s been climbing at an 8% annualized rate in the past couple months and commodity prices are up 30% to 100% in the past year. The Democrat mantra seems to be party now and pay later when inflation and economic stagnation take hold.

Ed Kahl


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Terence Y

Well written, Mr. Kahl. Unfortunately, the hoi polloi doesn’t have much control over these policies. As I’ve said in the past, we can take advantage of low interest policies by riding the stock market upswing. Set an asset allocation according to your risk tolerance and time horizon. Bank those gains and take necessary precautions to ease out of the stock market should the situation deteriorate, especially if you’re a senior currently forced to chase returns.


Mr. Kahl,

You may have a couple of points in your letter that have some substance and are worth expanding on. Unfortunately, once again you choose to insult and use slurs to try and make your point rather than civil discourse. I am not sure if you do that because you are purposely trying to divide people or if by accident because you have listened to too much of Donald Trump. Personally I think it is the former.

You and a few other right wing commenters in the Daily Journal seem to amuse yourselves with using Democrat as opposed to Democratic when speaking about the Democrats. Democrat Party rather than Democratic Party as an example. Researchers seem to agree that it originated by the Republicans in the 1950’s as an insult on purpose and is still used that way today. Donald even made a point of saying he used it as an insult which may be why you are so fond of it.

As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Terence Y

So much for Taffy’s honey and vinegar saying… Instead, we have Taffy trying to justify a personal attack on Mr. Kahl because Taffy thinks “Democrat” is a slur. Taffy, I hate to break it to you, but your left-wing media all use “Democrat” in their headlines so I guess they’re all insulting you. Send them a piece of your mind and if they change their ways, maybe everyone else will. You may also want to complain to the various online and hardcopy dictionaries, since they also define Democrat not as an insult or a slur. Maybe it’s just you since nobody else is making a mountain out of this molehill. Meanwhile, in other news, Fauci is now admitting he funded Chinese labs and that COVID may have come from a lab. Another flip-flop. Maybe we’ll now refer to Fauci as Triple F (Flip-Flop Fauci).

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