Two days after his recall election, Gov. Gavin Newsom cleverly waited to sign two bills, Senate bills 9 and 10, into law. SB 9 requires cities to let single-family property owners build up to four houses on their lot, SB 10 would allow as many as 10 units.  

SB 9 was opposed across the state for taking away local control from cities and damaging neighborhoods for the benefit of developers. SB 10 also subverts democracy by allowing city councils to ignore voter approved initiatives, like Measure Y in San Mateo, in violation of the state Constitution. It basically silences voter voices. 

What the hell kind of government do we have and are supporting here? It’s more like an autocracy than a democracy.  

We need a government who protects our single family zoned neighborhoods for all who have worked very hard, with lots of sacrifice, to earn the right to live and raise their families there. This will only create more market rate housing and does not include affordable housing. Also, properties that developers do not buy will plummet in value and houses they buy will get bid up. Local communities will have no input into future development. The government needs to subsidize below-market housing in many areas outside of single family zoned areas, and there are lots, especially with people working at home with less need for office buildings. 

Gary Isoardi

San Mateo

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You can ask for reductions in water usage, or invite more housing, but you can't do both.


CA democrats' latest increase in power over local zoning is all part of a plan to use every crisis to increase Democrats’ political power by increasing everyones dependency on government for electricity, water, housing, etc. To endure permanent power Democrats are indoctrinating the next generation of children in critical race theory and anti-capitalism. All who disagree are canceled by mere accusation in the media. Imagine how much money Democrats can cream off once they have total control.

Dirk van Ulden

True to his political colors, Newsom waited to sigh both bills after he was assured that his recall failed. If he had signed both bills before the election, the outcome might have been different. As Evita sang, "don't cry for me, California."


Funny how liberals turned down most housing development for decades but now are tying to build higher density housing. They never get it right.


Again with the old highly insulting comments that homeowners have worked harder and sacrificed more than today's non-homeowners.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Aitch-Fab

I doesn't seem like Gary was trying to insult anyone. Hopefully, he has an online subscription and will clarify what you believe are "highly insulting comments."

Perhaps Gary was saying that non-homeowners who work hard and sacrifice should be able to achieve their dream of moving into a single-family home neighborhood. For those who have achieved that dream, SB 9 and SB 10 have moved the goalposts. In my view, it does not appear he was saying that homeowners work harder and sacrifice more than non-homeowners, but I could be wrong.

Terence Y

Again with another attempt at demonizing homeowners who have worked harder and sacrificed more because they wanted to live in a neighborhood that isn’t overcrowded, congested and over parked. Hey HFAB, from one of your past comments, you still didn’t explain to readers how damned rent is different from regular rent.

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