Evidently, Trump changed his mind about bombing Iranian cultural sites after being told that it would be a war crime. Would someone please tell him that incarcerating children is a crime against humanity?

Mike Aydelott

San Carlos

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Basic human decency means not doing or saying anything to intentionally cause unnecessary harm to some who is suffering.


Mike, be realistic, - do you really expect Trump to understand a big word like "humanity"? Easily confused with "humility" and "humidity". - neither of which means anything to him!

Christopher Conway

can someone tell Mike that bringing these children into America without authorization is illegal. Many parents find themselves separated from their children when they break the law. Happens everyday with little fanfare. Don't break our laws and you will never be separated from your children again. Simple as that.


The Conway Manifesto [ban]

Christopher Conway

the Trump Manifesto


And you should punish innocent children for that? What do you think would happen to Trump's children, if they were separated from their daddy?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - have you thought of the consequences of releasing these children? To whom? The ones that do get released frequently find themselves trafficked as there are no responsible adults to take them in. While the Obama built 'cages' are a temporary measure, they do get transferred to more convenient supervised housing that are a far cry from whence they came. Believe me, I know the living conditions of those poor children in countries like El Salvador and Guatemala. We all hope that they eventually get reunited, and they will, with their parents or family, preferably in their native country.

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