In response to the May 3 letter writer who fears that teaching critical race theory will make white students feel like “bad” people, that’s not at all likely if our country’s history is taught accurately.

I studied the history of slavery at Berkeley in the early ’60s. I learned that, while cruel and inhumane treatment of slaves did occur especially on large cotton plantations, other white southerners treated their slaves kindly — but also as unequal and less deserving than whites. This was the prevailing belief among them at the time. And of course matters grew worse, in the Jim Crow era as one example.

Today, treating any fellow American as inferior and undeserving, is an abhorrent idea. Our humanitarian values have evolved (hopefully) just as our technology and medical science have evolved.

We should be able to teach truth about our past without causing any child to feel bad or inferior because of the skin color they were born with.

Susan Brown

San Carlos

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Terence Y

Yes, Ms. Brown, we should be able to teach the truth about our past, but unfortunately, critical race theory is not the way to do it. If anything, critical race theory breeds divisiveness and resentment.


The New York Times 1619 project is a polemic that ignores that Americas has redeemed itself many times over for slavery. In 1619 the land that is now America was British America and it was the British who brought slaves to America. America didn't exist until 1776 when it became the first country to adopted a Constitution that declared all men are created equal. America redeemed itself by fighting a Civil war that caused 500,000 deaths and has since amended the Constitution and our laws to achieve equality for all. America redeemed itself which is the untold story of the very 1619 project.


Sorry Mr. Kahl, the redemption you speak of is only on paper, not in the hearts and minds of those that are prejudiced and still believe in racism, white supremacy, etc.

Dirk van Ulden

Taffy - you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Your comment belies the fact that the vast majority of Americans are not racists and are not supremacists. It doesn't appear that you have spent any time in other countries where those negative attributes are far more common.



I know that and you know that but apparently Mr. Kahl thinks that because there is a law on paper everything is hunky-dory and everyone is just happy as a clam. There are numerous laws about killing people and we know how well that works, don't we. It is against the law to discriminate in housing but you can ask Donald's family about that and their conviction for housing discrimination.

I have traveled a bit but have not spent a long time in any one place. I have been to about 25-30 countries on six of the seven continents but have not been anywhere in Africa yet.

BTW, I think you are painting my comment with a rather wide brush. I said those that are prejudiced, I didn't say everyone or even a lot of people, I just said those, however many that may be.

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