After cleaning the sand out of my ears, I had to applaud Dr. James Constantino — I believe he’s a doctor as he was giving medical advice — for calling out the Democrat-inspired pandemic insanity. For me, I was just masking and taking recommended vaccinations because I believe the science and respect those who have spent their lifetimes researching these matters so I didn’t have to. I also felt I was being responsible to my community so as not to expose them to a pathogen unnecessarily.

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Terence Y

Thanks for your letter, Cory. I hope you realize that “your” supposed “experts” recommended COVID “vaccinations” that don’t vaccinate, and recommended masking that doesn’t stop the spread of COVID, leading to excess mortality and undue suffering. Speaking of examples of mental stability, how about all the folks who fell for the debunked Russian Collusion Delusion and “insurrection” narratives? As for your comfortable life with minor inconveniences, I guess as long as you’re okay with Biden’s America Last policies leading to higher crime, higher inflation, and a higher number of invaders from the south, to name a few, then more power to you. And you’d be wise to continue applauding Mr. Constantino…


Suggest you go back a read the Mueller Report if you think Russian collusion was a delusion. Suggest you reread my earlier responses about your masking delusion. If you don't have a comfortable life with heat and indoor plumbing and enough to eat, I am very sorry for you and I hope you have some people you can reach out to.

Terence Y

Westy, now you’re just throwing garbage at the wall and hoping something sticks (and nothing is). Let me do some of your homework and remind you that the Mueller Report explicitly says, “…the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” Sounds like Mueller confirmed Russian collusion was a delusion and a giant nothing-burger…

As for rereading your previous responses, I’d suggest you reread my previous responses to your masking delusion. Better yet, do some homework and you’ll find more studies showing the ineffectiveness of masking (of course, those studies basically confirm common sense). Perhaps you should reach out to some folks, or maybe take a class in logic and research. But please, not with the same folks who taught you that starving horses, and people, of alfalfa would solve the CA water crisis… In other news, it sounds like Newsom is listening and is reducing the amount of water wasted out to sea (which may save more water than killing alfalfa farms). BTW, thanks for feeling sorry for me but you should be feeling sorry for our nation under America Last Biden and complicit Democrat policies.


Mr. David,

Yes indeed, you have a fine list of the brain trust of the Republican party but you left out two of the most important. The list isn't complete without the "Most Stable Genius" of them all, Donald Trump and don't forget his esteemed protégé, George Santos. BTW, Donald better get back on track because George is about to overtake him for the title of biggest liar in political history.


Oh, what a great, funny response to all the R-nonsense, Cory!

With your permission, I would like to include your piece in an upcoming, expanded edition of my book “Dear Editor & Beyond”!

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