I am responding to the letter, “The kids are making a difference” by Dennis Wobber in the Oct. 2 edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal.

My point was that the students provided no solutions other than kicking the can back to their parents to address the hyped climate change crisis. There is no silver bullet, and regardless of the youthful and politician crowd demands, few if any, have taken the time to find out what is actually happening in this state and elsewhere to mitigate the potential effects of excessive carbon pollution.

No, Mr. Wobber, we have not been sitting on our hands and we are taking our carbon footprints very seriously. Prior to my retirement, I ran a $300 million energy efficiency program at our premier university system that, by the time I left, had already reduced that institution’s carbon footprint by several 100,000 metric tons. Ours was just one of many thousands of programs being implemented by public and private entities.

Should our educators and politicians just take the time to study the plethora of reports published by the California Energy Commission and the California Air Resources Board, they would be less inclined to send the unwitting kids out in the streets and instead recognize my generation for its significant accomplishments.

Yes, Mr. Wobber, that is real education. Quoting results of studies by the various federal agencies that need funding for their sustenance is just group thinking. Please refrain from baseless accusations as you appear unfamiliar with the understated, sustained but easily substantiated efforts of the real experts.

Dirk van Ulden


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