Stable or not, President Donald Trump has to repeatedly reassure his shrinking base what they like to believe. In contrast, former President Barack Obama never had to stoop so low and never did. The majority knew that he was, and still is, much more of a “stable genius” than the former.

Jorg Aadahl

San Mateo

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In the latest Fox News poll, 50% of Americans want Trump impeached, and 48% do not. Even the polling on Fox is showing growing support for impeachment.

Dirk van Ulden

That's right Jorg. The news media did the stooping for Obama, swept every scandal under the rug, covered up his disastrous foreign policy and his sell out to China. If Trump had the same support from that corrupt media, his approval rating would be 100%


Dirk: I know you are eager to repeat the same tired old Trump supporter talking points, but my point was Trump’s childish ego booster classifying himself as a “stable genius”. Do you realize how incredibly insane that sounds to the sane people of the world? What an embarrassment for the country! How do Dutch papers treat such nonsense? Same as Scandinavian papers, - from the Left to the Right?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - since you consider yourself sane, which remains subject to interpretation, let me tell you that the Dutch newspapers rely solely on the WAPO and NYT for US news coverage. There are few, if ever, objective articles in their fake news media. Why do you think I fled that myopic country? Heck, they still believe in monarchy, as they do in your native country, but we in the USA dumped it back in 1776. Do you really expect them to have an informed opinion? Besides, they don't vote here; thank goodness!

Christopher Conway

Shrinking base? why are the Democrats so scared to face him in November 2020. They know they got to illegally impeach him without a crime so he won't wipe the floor with them next election. What are Democrats so scared of?


That's got to be the funniest one you have ever cooked up, Chris! Also, the most ridiculous one, - in sharp contest with yourself.


Jorg - Chris is known to do that, as the non-bread winner in the family he can stay home and rip on those of us that know that The Donald is morally unfit.

Chris is a cooker-upper.


Dirk: I don’t read Dutch, but I review Scandinavian papers daily in most of their languages, finding them to be very well informed, factual and deeply analytical. They certainly know what they are talking about, - and quite different from some US media, like Fox news, where you get fired on the spot if you even dare to speak the truth about Trump! What they do not understand, is how low regard the Trump lemmings must have for the US President’s office, so low that they think an inept, unqualified and incompetent, immoral liar like Trump, can be acceptable, an obvious embarrassment for the nation and a laughingstock around the world, a name-calling, self-absorbed narcissist that has surrounded himself with criminals who one after another go to jail, with a line of similar to follow. When his gullible and easily fooled followers claim that he has fulfilled his election promises, they don’t grasp the consequences of his ill-conceived, more or less arbitrary actions, contrary to the security and welfare of the country.

However, as far as the Dutch and the three Scandinavian monarchies, they are mainly symbolic, impartial and unifying today, a far cry from the old European religion infested monarchies that the secular US Constitution was designed to be separated from.

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