This letter is in response to the article written by Zachary Clark titled “Chick-fil-A plans ruffle feathers” in the June 5 issue of the Daily Journal. It addresses a statement made by county Supervisor David Canepa. I take issue with the fact that he states that Chick-fil-A’s values don’t represent our values. We live in a country that allows freedom of expression, a right that is found in our constitution. Mr. Cathy was expressing his disagreement to same-sex marriage for religious reasons, a significant right that we as citizens have. We do not have to accept his viewpoint, but we should not close our minds to opposing views.

We, as a nation, have freedom from tyranny, arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power, or abuse of authority. Mr. Canepa’s statement is supposedly speaking for the county, but it appears to be condoning the use of tyranny; if anyone doesn’t agree with his point of view they are wrong. We also have the choice of freedom of assembly. If you do not wish to go to Chick-fil-A, you have the right to.

Let the marketplace decide its success or failure. Let us hope for a more rational and civilized discussion that would be open to all points of view.  

Juan Ruiz

San Mateo

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Terence Y

All hail King Canepa! Let's all write a letter to King Canepa and tell him to go cluck himself. Maybe instead of trying to remove freedom of expression and religion, Mr. Canepa can instead attempt to make a positive contribution to society, like Chick-fil-A does. EAT MOR CHIKIN!


More brilliant thoughts. Are kissing hens and roosters in drag allowed?

Terence Y

JME - whatever floats your boat. What you and your significant other want to do is up to you. You can even try that at Chick-fil-A when it opens. EAT MOR CHIKIN!


Is that something you are desiring to do? Asking for a friend.

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