The recently disclosed announcement that Michael Brownrigg’s mother contributed $460,000 to his state Senate campaign is eyebrow raising. “I’m proud that she believes in me this much” was his reply. Hello, she’s your mother. And how much is too much? Last I heard the limit on individual contributions to a state Senate candidate is $10,000. Dear Momma seems to have created a third-party committee to skirt that individual limit. Bad optics. Michael, maybe you should give the money back. Better optics.    

Martin Anderson


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freedom watch

Public employee unions are the unions who have captured our California cities and state, with massive unfunded pension liabilities due to giving over generous compensation. Cities and the state cannot pay these liabilities. Do not vote for Masur.

freedom watch

I agree that getting money from elsewhere is better than getting it from unions. Shelley Masur is getting union heavy contributions and endorsements - how do you think she will vote? To benefit unions like the teachers'union, even though California public schools are performing poorly, not serving students. Apparently she will back SB 50 also, to build tall towers next door to your single family home, as Scott Wiener endorsed her. Vote for Brownrigg.

Christopher Conway

Martin- I am sure by your letter you will not be voting Michael Brownrigg so he probably should just ignore your letter. Any person whose mother thinks so highly of him must have a lot to offer. Elections are expensive and the fact that someone gets money from his own family should hardly be something to be concerned about. Better than getting money from public unions.

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