Why on Earth are military-style assault weapons even allowed in the public sector?

Their sole purpose is to kill as many as possible, as quickly as possible and should not be used against any living creature, two or four legged. To claim they are for self defense is pure idiocy. Same for someone who just “ likes” to have such weapons around for the sheer pleasure of it. Not a good enough excuse. Such weapons should be banned totally, no ifs or buts about it, regardless of the brand name attached.

Of course, people can be killed singularly or in masses, by other weapons or means of destruction, but why not completely ban what we have seen over and over again? These weapons are so easy to obtain and are used by someone so asocial that he/she decides to kill innocent people en masse? Haven’t we seen enough? Let’s listen to the wise words just issued by our former President Barack Obama — the only responsible and presidential leader we have had for quite a while — not someone who encourages weak-minded morons to help him “Drain the Swamp.” How dumb can a so-called leader be?

Jorg Aadahl

San Mateo

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Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - you were on a roll in the beginning. Why bring politics into this horrendous situation? Your hero Obama did not do a darn thing about gun violence and consistent with his non-actions, just spews useless words.


You never noticed how political this issue has become, - with Republicans in Congress strictly against the most sensible and logical gun control? Why?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - I support a ban on assault weapons and substantive background checks. However, what is in reality the difference between mass murder and the murder toll in Chicago, totaling hundreds of mostly black American victims already this year. Where is the outrage? BTW, isn't that Obama's home turf?

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