The Martians are coming! The Martians are coming! Or perhaps the “killer comet” is coming! Would that motivate the planet’s humans to work together and see to a common strategy to save our race? No amount of billionaire joyrides to space or subterranean hideaways will save them.

The cliche “we’re all in this together” is totally correct. COP26 is indeed the best plan going forward and yet it still is mired and threatened by national suspicions and rivalries. The U.S. military is the single biggest polluter on the planet. The research and development budget for new weaponry dwarfs the collective government efforts at finding clean energy solutions as well as efforts to stop the ecocide of species decline and nonsustainable farming and manufacturing practices. Lots to do and so little time. Will any extraterrestrials out there please stand up and give us a hand?

Mike Caggiano

San Mateo

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COP26 is mostly a group of nations trying to get billions in a hand outs from the US. Like other aid it will end up in the Swiss bank accounts of the 100 or so top families that run those countries. The objective of China and Russia is to economically disadvantage the US with higher green energy costs. China’ interest in green energy is for security reasons because most of its oil comes through the narrow Straits of Malacca.

D Gilbrech

Thanks Mike, for getting a rise out of "Y". Anyway, I'm saddened to think of all the people choking to death in the future from all the short sighted people. Well, we'll all die, but have a balanced deficit.

The Pentagon does believe that Climate Change is our biggest future problem, so maybe not all of the defense money will go to waste.


D Gilbrech,

As you have probably noticed, when people live in an alternate universe and are so close to the edge, it takes very little to tip them over.

Terence Y

Taffy, agreed. Mr. Caggiano does appear close to the edge as evidenced by his plea to ETs. We need to tip Mr. Caggiano back to our universe.

Terence Y

Is this the same Mr. Gilbrech that ghosted me after I asked questions regarding what you and your family were doing to reduce your carbon footprint? Thousands of everyday household products use petroleum in their manufacture. Alternatives and their associated costs? Also, you didn’t share your opinion on whether companies/folks buying carbon credits and continuing to pollute as much as they want is acceptable behavior. I’m disappointed I didn’t hear back. Seems many folks spouting the greenie thing can talk the talk (not very convincingly) but can’t walk the walk. BTW, I’m surprised you’re not saddened by bungling Biden leaving Americans behind enemy lines. Let's hope they have a future. Or, closer to home, the folks in the 17% poverty rate or the near-poverty rate of 34% in CA. Their future's aren’t all that bright (especially in LA, although I hear smog isn’t as bad). I planted a few new trees so I’m carbon neutral. What will you do to keep people from choking to death in the future?

Terence Y

So, Mr. Caggiano, you don’t care about the 400 planes used to ferry folks to the COP26 guilt-party? What about those 100+ container ships hanging out off the coast of Los Angeles, idling away? And those CA forest fires due to mismanagement of forests? What about China and India and other countries moving towards industrialization? It doesn’t sound like “we’re all in this together”?

Perhaps if there were some action on actually helping to reduce these so called global warming emissions instead of lip service, folks may pay heed. Besides, shouldn’t we be living it up for the next 10 years? Didn’t global warming geniuses, AOC and Crazy Bernie, say the world would end in 2031? Hopefully you’ve taken advantage of the past five years, since the end of the world has moved on from the inconvenient truth (actually a big fat lie) from Mr. Gore. A quick search will uncover many articles about the bogus doomsdays predicted by charlatans and snake oil salesmen (and women, to be politically correct).

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