Matt Grocott

Some time ago, Jon Mays, editor of this paper, wrote a piece about all the enemies he has. As it turned out, Jon confessed to having no enemies at all. Well, this writing is offered in similar fashion except, unlike Jon, I’m not pulling any punches. I confess, there are some things I hate, so let’s get started.

To begin, I have to take issue with those who argue or admonish not to use the word “hate.” Typically the argument is made that it is too strong a word. However, it is the word I choose to use in lieu of what the complainant usually has in mind: the word “dislike.” True enough, there are things I dislike. For instance, I can’t say I hate Brussels sprouts but I can say I dislike the taste. On the other hand, there are things I truly do hate and for that, I offer no apologies.

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Barb Valley

Mr. Grocutt,

Regarding today’s column:

1. Poop bags like feminine hygiene products and a myriad of other things are not to be flushed in toilets, they belong in the trash. Also, those plastic rings that hold multiple bottles and cans. (Recology –What Goes Where?)

2. It is unfortunate your oldest son at 14 was not given a sketchbook and told to explore his creativity. He may have become a famous artist like Chris “Daze” Ellis who started to spray-paint his first subway cars in 1976 at age 14, and along with partners like John “Crash” Matos, went on to paint hundreds of subway cars through the rest of the decade. By the 1980s he began showing his work in NYC’s alternative gallery scene, which led to a career in the art world. These days, he sticks to commissioned murals, and to canvases that he shows in galleries and museums around the world.

3. Get yourself a box cutter to open those cereal boxes ($2) along with a bottle and jar opener (Amazon $7). Instead of worrying about how the elderly can open medicine bottles, worry how they’ll do if the Republicans succeed in taking away Social Security and Medicare.

I suggest, Mr.Grocutt, that the next time you take your hike at Edgewood Preserve and you make it to the highest point in the park and take in the great vista of San Francisco Bay, you take some time to be grateful you were able to walk there without assistance, could breathe deeply without carrying along oxygen, and could smell the wonderful smells of the forest unlike so many who cannot. Take time also to be thankful you survived cancer and that you can afford health care and medications instead of complaining. Be thankful you’re alive for heaven’s sake.

I don’t hate but there are many things I dislike and right on the top of that list is the majority of your columns; they neither educate, enlighten, nor entertain and I am truly thankful they only appear every other week and that the Daily Journal has other columnists who do educate, enlighten, and entertain.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Grocutt.

Dirk van Ulden

It reminds me of a one liner from Churchill. 'I may be drunk today but I shall be sober tomorrow. You, Barb, will still be be disgruntled."

Barb Valley

I don't know how you came to the conclusion that I am disgruntled from reading what I wrote.

Dirk van Ulden

Hi Barb - my impression is that Mr. Grocott simply relates his life experiences and wants to share them with us. There is nothing negative about it and he not at all trying to make a statement. Can we just accept the writings and appreciate his daily or periodic observations? Why do all columnist need to be raw and confrontational ?That is what I read in your response. I have never met Mr. Grocott but I value his columns as a breath of fresh air. You are lucky that the DJ does not publish all of my comments. I have to admit that I appreciate your intelligent retorts although I do not agree with them. Please keep it up.

Terence Y

Ms. Volley, based on your response, one may conclude that you are being educated, enlightened, and entertained by Mr. Grocott. After all you’ve become educated and enlightened with a few of Mr. Grocott’s “hates” and if you weren’t being entertained, why would you bother reading any of Mr. Grocott’s columns and know he appears every other week? Much less take the time to comment and educate, enlighten, and entertain us by giving Mr. Grocott a piece of your mind.

As to the original subject of hates, let me add another to the list. I hate when greenies assume saving the planet begins after the “clean” energy product is manufactured. For instance, how much fossil-fuel energy, in addition to potential child labor, was used to mine materials for solar panels and electric car batteries? What’s the net “green” energy return on investment after factoring in fossil-fuel intensive activities? Reports I’ve seen indicate an electric car needs to be driven between 60,000 to 100,000 miles to realize a potential return on “clean” energy, but that’s without factoring in the costs to replace, and then dispose of the hazardous waste in batteries. Perhaps when I retire, a paper on net “green” energy… or for those who are retired, you have my blessing to take a stab at it. Please…

Something else to be thankful for, on a local level, contributors to the SMDJ who provide verifiable facts/information on history, quotes, science, etc. - you know who you are and I’m thankful as your input has made me more educated, enlightened, and entertained, no matter how often your comments appear. So keep them coming… Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a great meal! Remember, politics and/or religion is a great topic for the table.

Terence Y

Mr. Grocott, another great column today… Instead of things to be thankful for, a list of things to hate… I like it. Let me add a few of my own. I hate virtue signalers advocating for all-electric when they’re unable to tell us where this magic electricity will come from – a continued majority from fossil-fuel burning electrical generation plants. It’s as if they believe if they “clean” the air above their city, the air will stay clean. Um, sorry, the world doesn’t work that way. I hate when hypocrites at COP27 (and previous COP meetings) attempt to dictate policy when they’ve taken 400 fossil-fuel spewing jets to attend the conference. Also this year at COP27, using loads of air conditioning indoors because the outside temperature was 80F and eating herds of meat from methane producing cows… Um, sorry hypocrisy distorts your message. And since most things come in threes, I hate when something is said to be “free” when taxpayer funds are used. Um, it’s not free if taxpayers are footing the bill. It’s “free” if it’s footed by donations. Last I checked, paying taxes is not considered a donation. We’ll skip the man-made water shortage crisis where CA wastes just as much water to save non-existent fish than to save the existing population and our agricultural operations. Happy Thanksgiving! BTW, something to be thankful for – proud to be an American who believes in Making America Great Again, Again with our great President Trump… Assuming the AP and Biden don’t start WWIII.

Matt Grocott

Amen brother.

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